How to enlarge your penis: exercise

male with enlarged penis exercises

"Size does not matter" - this phrase is heard by all owners of small dignity. Unfortunately, no one agrees with her - no man would exchange his great dignity for skill. In addition, according to statistics, men whose penis is not small in size are more successful. It is easy to explain this - they have higher self-esteem, are confident in their abilities and they are comfortable with everything in themselves. What else do you need to be happy? Men with little dignity constantly feel an inferiority complex and want to change something, namely, their penis.

Small, but remote?

No matter how women reassure their men, it is simply impossible to come to terms with a small member. It is very rare for women to understand why the penis is so important for men. But for this it is worth turning to the sources of antiquity and remembering that a man is a hunter. Previously, it was possible to hunt animals, now - women. And who can you catch when your dignity is very small? For women, this is just an incomprehensible set of words - what kind of hunter, what kind of prey, and why should a man hunt women? In fact, even a beloved woman in the subconscious of a man is a prey!

But I would like to please the owners of a small dignity - it can be increased! To do this, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive devices or, even worse, to agree to surgical intervention. All you need is a strong desire and a little work.

Before you start doing the exercises, think about whether you should really enlarge your penis? After doing the exercises, it will be impossible to reduce the penis!


  1. No matter how impatient you are to start doing exercises that can enlarge your penis, you should know the structure of your penis. Look at your penis - do you see three cameras? The first of them is the lowest and it is intended for urination and ejaculation. The second two chambers are the upper ones and they are responsible for the erection. With penis enlargement, you will be working with the two upper chambers. Your task is to destroy the bodies that make up the upper chambers. After you destroy the old cells, new formations will be replaced, and the penis will grow. This procedure is painless - you will not feel pain or discomfort.
  2. Before you start doing the exercises, measure the size of your penis. Such measurements should be taken every week in order to see the result.
  3. Almost all exercises require lubrication or warming of the penis. Exercises that require a clear fixation need mandatory lubrication of the penis. Some exercise can damage tissue, so be sure to do penis warming. This is not difficult to do - the lubricant is sold in any pharmacy, but the warming procedure requires the work of the hands. Soak a towel in warm water (not hot) and wrap it around your penis. Your penis will warm up in 3 minutes - dry it with a dry towel.

Penile enlargement exercises

1. Stretching

This exercise can be done both standing and sitting. Take the penis below the head and pull it away from you. In this exercise, the main thing is not to overdo it - give up sudden movements. Through this exercise, you will develop the ligaments and lengthen the penis accordingly. It is worth doing the exercise for 5 minutes, taking a break for one minute. It is advisable to do the exercise early in the morning and in the evening.

2. "Jelq"

The exercise came to us from the Arabs and in translation means "milking". The name of the exercise is self-explanatory and you need a lubricant for that. The most effective result is given by this exercise on a half-grown penis.

3. Stretch-2

In this exercise, you will have to stretch the penis not from yourself, but to the sides. It is worth pulling the penis until there is a feeling of discomfort. In one position, the penis should be about 5 minutes. After this, you should take a break and stretch it in the other direction. The break should be about a minute. You need to repeat this exercise 4 times, taking a break for 5 minutes. During the break, be sure to massage your penis - this helps to normalize blood circulation.

4. "From a bestseller on sexuality . . . "

This exercise involves rhythmic stretching of the penis, both from oneself and to oneself. One stretching movement should take at least 15 seconds. The stretch should be repeated 10 times. In this series of exercises, one more is indicated, which involves the standing member hitting the inner walls of the thighs. You need to repeat the exercise for about a minute, then hit the other side.

Penis enlargement exercises should be done regularly. Your penis is made up mostly of muscle tissue, and it takes time to recover, so you shouldn't think that on the second day your penis will be 30 cm! Nothing is impossible, the main thing is to try! Just don't overdo it, as any penile injury is painful.