Penile enlargement surgery cost

penis enlargement surgery

Indications for surgical intervention are developmental pathologies, as well as psychological problems associated with the size of the penis. The practice of plastic surgeons shows that modern methods of lengthening and thickening the penis are safe and do not entail negative consequences. And now men in an effort to achieve ideal parameters are stopped only by the price.


Whether it is necessary to increase the width or lengthen the penis is a question not only of the patient's wishes, but also of the availability of objective grounds. Different clinics approach him with varying degrees of responsibility. It is believed that the penis less than 10 cm in an erect state is an indication for surgery.

Therefore, if the "initial" parameters are close to normal, then you can face the surgeon's refusal in the operation. But great competition in the field of intimate male plastic surgery will allow not only finding a good doctor, but also comparing the pricing policy.

The range of prices for the rapid increase in the penis is large. The final cost is influenced by both the popularity of the medical institution and the doctor, and the cost of consumables (extender).

Types of surgical interventions

In modern clinics, plastic surgery deals with the adjustment of the length and girth of the penis. Depending on the patient's wishes or indications, the following manipulations are performed.


ligamentotomy for penis enlargement

This is an operation to increase the length of the penis. The essence of the intervention is to cross the ligament of the penis. As a result, the inside of the penis comes out, and this is 3-5 cm.

The first operations were performed through the pubic bone. But this manipulation took a lot of time, and the postoperative stitches and scars did not look aesthetically pleasing. Today, plastic surgeons reach the supporting ligament through the scrotum. A small incision is made, which does not affect either the appearance or the performance of the penis.

Such a safe and quick (15 minutes) way to increase manhood was developed by the treatment center. Rehabilitation also does not take long. Today, the combined method of surgery is more common. So, after suture, doctors install an extender, which is recommended to be worn in the postoperative period.

Using an extender helps to improve and stabilize the result. The average wearing time after surgery is from a month to three. Modern medical devices are comfortable and invisible under clothing.


penile lipofilling for enlargement

This is a thickening of the penis with auto-fat. The essence of the operation is to transfer the patient's fat cells to the area along the shaft of the penis. Due to this, the diameter increases.

First, lipocytes are taken from the man. This is done from areas of the body where excess deposits are located - the buttocks or abdomen. Self-cell transplant reduces the risk of rejection and allergic reactions.

In laboratories, the resulting material is processed to remove "pure" fat. It is then inserted into the penis using a microneedle. Actually, these are all the wisdom of modern medicine in the field of thickening of the penis. The operation takes about an hour.

Collagen Matrix Installation

installation of a collagen matrix for penis enlargement

Doctors can increase the diameter of the penis by spontaneously growing the connective tissue of the organ. And they achieve this by installing two cylinders in the barrel of the penis. This construction starts the process of formation of new tissue, and the collagen itself is completely absorbed within 3-6 months. The disadvantages of this method are the need to maintain sexual rest for six months.

Installation of gel implants

Another method for thickening the penis is under development. The results of experimental operations cannot yet be interpreted unambiguously. It is important that the operation is reversible. Gel implants can be removed at any time.

Correction of the shape and size of the head of the penis

The only way to change the parameters of this part of the organ is to administer hyaluronic acid. The injection is performed after application of an anesthetic cream or under local anesthesia. During manipulations, patients experience unpleasant feelings of distention. Rehabilitation takes 2-3 days.

The disadvantages of this method include a short-term effect. But surgical methods on the head of the penis are not practiced, as this threatens with loss of sensitivity.

It is worth making a decision on the need for intervention after considering all the pros and cons of each method. There are other ways to enlarge the penis, including using extenders, vacuum pumps, and hormone replacement therapy. The specialist will always suggest alternatives before surgery.

Whether it is worth spending money on enlarging the penis with fillers (biomaterial based on hyaluronic acid), everyone decides for themselves. Fairly budgetary, but the "guarantee" of this method is debatable. And the remaining effect will hardly exceed 1-1. 5 years. Then you will have to repeat the procedure.