All you need to know about penis extensions

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Penis size matters. But a small penis today is not a sentence. In addition to oral and other types of caresses, various toys, including vibrators and dildos of various sizes and shapes, can be purchased in a sex shop to satisfy a partner. In addition, you can buy a very effective penis enlargement tool - a special lengthening nozzle. Let's figure out today what kind of device it is, how to use it and which model you should buy.

The principle of operation of the attachments

The principle of operation of all attachments is simple. The device is fixed on the erect penis, pinching it slightly. This allows you to delay ejaculation, keep erection and penis volume. The enlarging attachment will allow you to make both the length and the diameter of the penis more without tedious exercises and training, surgery, the use of various drugs and means.

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With the correct selection and use, it is absolutely harmless, it will relieve you of the negative consequences that may arise while taking pills, using an extender, or performing an operation. Just one minute (if not less) and the member added a few centimeters, became elastic and ready "to fight".

In addition, you can experiment with shapes and sizes, do things that the modest size of the penis did not allow before, for example, try positions that require a long penis.

What are the attachments

Today there are dozens of different models of penis enlargement attachments. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to conditionally divide all extenders into several groups depending on their type and design, as well as on the material from which they are made.

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By their type, all nozzles are of several types:

  • Open. . . In it, the head of the penis usually remains open. This model is suitable for those who want to increase only the diameter of the penis, to ensure a stable erection without reducing the intensity of sensations from intercourse.
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  • Closed. . . In this model, the entire surface of the penis is closed. Moreover, the nozzle can be flexible, allowing you to feel your partner, or rigid.
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  • With spikes and external relief. . . Such a nozzle will give a woman new sensations, will allow her to get bright orgasms from intimacy. The thorns additionally gently massage and stimulate especially sensitive points in the vagina, creating a fuller effect.
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  • With internal relief. . . This function is mainly intended to give pleasure to the man himself from intimacy.
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  • With vibration. . . This type of magnifying attachment is a great toy for both him and her. Both partners enjoy sex. The vibration attachment is great for experimentation.
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  • With clitoris stimulation. . . Such devices will add vivid sensations to your partner, will allow you to achieve long and vivid orgasms.
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The extension pieces have other options as well. Their surface can be, in addition to the relief, equipped with antennae and processes. The toy can have an original design or imitate a real member.

By material

The nozzles also differ in what material they are made of:

  • Cyberskin. . . This material is very similar to human skin. It is pleasant to the touch, pleasant to penetrate. But products made of cyber leather are capricious in care, have a shorter service life and a higher price.
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  • Silicone. . . It is one of the most popular materials for making magnifying attachments. It stretches, pleasant to the touch. Latex products can be of different shapes and sizes, differ in color and design. They are easy to maintain and can last for several years.
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  • Latex. . . The material is pleasant to the touch, easy to maintain and store, but it can cause allergies.
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In addition, phallus extensions are made of TPR, TPE, as well as other materials.

By type of attachment

All attachments are of two types:

  • Simple. . . In such models, there are no additional devices that hold the nozzle on the penis.
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  • With clamps and belts. . . In this case, the attachment is firmly attached to the scrotum or penis. In addition to a more secure fit, this toy provides a more stable erection (by pinching the penis and scrotum) and reduces the risk of premature ejaculation.
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How to choose the right attachment

When choosing the right attachment for the penis, you must be guided by both your ideas and the preferences of your partner. Feel free to ask her which size she wants to try. You can choose an attachment with it or give it a surprise. In any case, when choosing a phallus extender, experts recommend taking into account the following rules:

  1. Determine what you need a magnifying attachment for. The answer to this question determines which model is better to buy in your case. If you only need an increase in volume, then it is better to buy open nozzles that do not interfere with stimulating the head of the penis during frictions. If you have erection problems, you can purchase realistic penile prostheses. In case you want to add variety to your intimate life, pay attention to models with vibration, toys of unusual shapes and sizes, the presence of special appendages for double penetration or stimulation of your anus, as well as devices suitable for BDSM.
  2. Decide on the size. In the instructions for each toy, two parameters are always indicated - the outer and inner diameter. Consider these indicators when buying. It is better to buy a toy, the inner diameter of which will be slightly smaller than the girth of your penis. This will allow her to sit tighter on the penis, not to slip during frictions. If you are afraid of making a mistake, feel free to take models with belts or other devices that allow you to adjust the size.
  3. Material, color and shape. It is better to choose these parameters based on your preferences. If you are buying an accessory for the first time, take a look at the models with adjustable sizes, as well as products that have realistic dimensions.

Also pay attention to the manufacturer and the price of the toy. It is best to purchase models from well-known brands in trusted stores. So you run less risk of purchasing a low-quality product.

Rules for using attachments for penis enlargement

In order for the enlarging attachment to bring maximum pleasure and not cause discomfort, it must be applied correctly. And here are some recommendations in this regard:

  1. Wash the attachment thoroughly before using it. Many models can be treated with soap and water. You cannot boil such a toy.
  2. Prepare your penis. It also needs to be washed. It is not recommended to pre-lubricate the penis, as then the attachment may slide off and it will be difficult to use it. If you are using a penis prosthesis or other attachment that has a hard coating on the inside, you can treat the penis with talcum powder or baby powder. This will help avoid chafing.
  3. Gently squeeze the maximally erect penis with your hand, insert the head into the nozzle. If you are using silicone or other stretchable products, stretch them as much as possible before stretching to keep your penis comfortable.
  4. Lubricant can be applied to the attachment itself. Its type depends on what material the toy is made of. For some models, only water-based lubricants will work.
  5. The closed tips can be used as a reusable condom.
  6. Fall extenders should only be used for vaginal sex. They are not suitable for penetration into the anus or oral sex.

The length of time the attachment is on the penis and the frequency of its use depends only on you. Experts recommend not using the toy for more than 30-40 minutes without a break. This limitation is caused by the fact that the attachment tightens the vessels of the penis, serves as an obstacle to the outflow of blood from it. This means that a long stay in the device can cause negative consequences.


There are no particular contraindications for the use of penis enlargements. It is not recommended to use such toys only in the following cases:

  • various cardiovascular diseases;
  • open wound surfaces, inflammation and other problems affecting the skin and tissues of the penis;
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • the period of pregnancy of the partner (can be used with extreme caution and only models without vibration).

Do not use a nozzle if it has changed color, has become sticky, deformed, or cracked. Otherwise, you can harm your health and injure your partner's genitals.

As you can see, today there is a huge selection of different enlarging attachments and other devices that can make your penis bigger. Feel free to experiment. Let sex become bright and long, bringing sensual orgasms to you and your partner.