Penis enlargement methods

The main indicator of male strength has long been considered the size of the penis. Modern standards and norms for the size of manhood, established by numerous studies, are cause for concern for many men and reduce self-esteem. Over the years, men have been forced to look for the most effective and fastest methods of penis enlargement. Desperate attempts to acquire an impressive size sometimes lead to sad consequences, since men do not think about the harm they can do to their own health and sexual activity.

How to measure penis length correctly

  1. The member is measured only in an erect state.
  2. The measuring device is applied from the top from the beginning of the penis to the most extreme point of the glans.
  3. When measured, the penis and body should be at a right angle.
  4. You can set the width of the penis by measuring the organ in several places - at the beginning, in the middle, at the head, and calculate the average.

It is necessary to measure the length of the penis several times. The length of the penis can vary depending on the temperature of the environment and the body, on the physical and psychological state, the degree of arousal at the time of measurement.

penis measurement tape

What is normal penis size?

  1. Micropenis is called a member of 8 cm in size. Anything below this indicator is considered a pathology and needs surgical intervention.
  2. A small member is an 8-12 centimeter member.
  3. The size of a normal penis is 12-15 cm. More than 55% of men on the planet have a genital organ of this size.
  4. A penis over 15 cm is considered above average, 20 cm and more is considered impressive.

Research aimed at identifying the normal length of the penis was based primarily on female physiology. Here the main factor was the depth of the vagina, which is 10 cm. That is, the owner of a 15-centimeter penis is quite capable of having normal sex. The woman's vagina consists of elastic tissues that can adapt to any width and length of the penis, which, if used skillfully, will give the partner more pleasure with each subsequent intercourse.

Statistics show that the percentage of small members is very small. But despite this, the topic remains relevant and very popular.

Today there are many methods of enlarging the male genital organ, each of which has both pros and cons. Today it is possible to enlarge the penis in length with the help of exercises or special devices at home, as well as with the help of surgery. Before studying various methods for penis enlargement, you need to clearly understand whether the size of the penis really does not allow you to fully enjoy your sex life, or whether it is a psychological problem caused by the desire to meet modern standards.

Penis enlargement methods

Surgical method

Named by doctors as the fastest and most effective way to enlarge the penis. Typically, this kind of surgery is expensive and is only performed if indicated. This method includes various operations aimed at increasing the length or width of the penis:

  1. The procedure to lengthen the penis is called a ligamentotomy. During this operation, the supporting ligament of the penis is cut, which allows the inner part of the penis to be pulled out and increased in length by 3-5 cm.
  2. Elongation and thickening with silicone implants.
  3. Change in width by implanting balls.
operative increase in the length of the penis

The surgical method is used only in the presence of pathologies or indications for operations due to the high probability of complications and long postoperative recovery.


Exercises designed to increase the size of the penis are based on the principle of stimulating blood flow to the tissues of the penis, as well as increasing the number of corpora cavernosa. This stimulation increases the volume of blood flowing to the penis during an erection, which also contributes to an increase in its size.


One of the techniques of self-massage. This famous technique has several rules that must be followed in order to achieve a result without causing harm:

  • self-massage is performed every day. Only with regular performance will this technique bring a guaranteed result;
  • massage is performed only on the erect organ continuously;
  • when ejaculation approaches, you should stop massage for a while;
  • grasp the penis with your thumb and forefinger connected to each other (in the form of an "OK" sign);
  • the seizure is carried out in such a way as to retain blood in the organ. Do not grip the penis too hard to avoid bruising and bruising. A grip that is too weak will also have no positive effect;
  • During the massage, movements are performed up or down, stretching the upper garter belt and exerting stress on the tissues of the organ, which contributes to its growth.

The exercises should be done very carefully and not cause discomfort. When performing massage regularly, you can achieve a quick effect,
without resorting to surgical intervention.

Kegel Exercise

This technique is mainly aimed at improving men's health and sexual performance. Includes training of the pubococcygeal muscle. You can feel this muscle by trying to stop the stream while urinating. Further, the Kegel technique involves the tension of this muscle 20 times for 3 seconds during the day and a gradual increase in the time of tension to 10 seconds and the number of contractions up to 50 times.

These exercises only slightly enlarge the penis and are not considered an effective method of enlarging the penis.

Special devices

The modern market offers many different devices for increasing male dignity. The most effective and safest ones are listed below.

Vacuum pump

A temporary increase in the size of the penis, as well as a persistent erection, can be achieved using a vacuum pump. It is used just before sex. A vacuum pump works like a pump - it stimulates blood flow and increases erection by creating a vacuum. Before entering the penis into the cylinder with which the device is equipped, the organ must be treated with cream. Then the air is pumped out of the cylinder, the member is under pressure. The pressure inside the vacuum can be adjusted with a built-in pressure gauge. You can buy a vacuum pump in intimate goods stores or pharmacies.

pump for increasing the length of the penis


Extenders are of various types: vacuum, looped, belt. Their cost varies depending on the degree of ease of use. The extender is put on the penis and worn for at least 3 hours every day, the tissues of the penis under the action of the extender stretch and begin to grow. The device gives a long-term result - the size of the penis will remain enlarged.

Before using special devices, it is important to read the instructions and exclude contraindications for their use.

Suspension of loads

The method of hanging loads is considered very simple and does not require additional costs. As weights, you can use improvised means such as a water bottle. Before lifting weights of the penis tissue, it is necessary to warm up with a light massage. There are a number of rules for carrying out the procedure for hanging loads:

  1. During the exercise, you need to sit comfortably and slightly spread your legs.
  2. The trunk and head of the penis is wrapped with an elastic bandage.
  3. One end of the rope is tied to the neck of a bottle filled with water, the other is attached to a metal clamp.
  4. The clamp is attached to an elastic bandage.
  5. Then you need to gently stand up so that the tissues of the penis are gradually stretched under the influence of the load.

Penis enlargement devices and regular exercise combine to give a guaranteed effect of lengthening the size of the penis by 1. 5-2 cm in a few months.


Modern manufacturers offer a huge variety of cosmetics and drugs that accelerate the growth of male dignity. Such preparations are produced in the form of a gel, ointment or cream. Almost all cosmetic preparations, with the exception of hormonal ones, contain natural ingredients. Their principle of action is the same - providing a temporary warming effect, which causes cell division and growth, as well as strengthening the elasticity of the penis and increasing its sensitivity.

the man took a shower after increasing the length of the penis

Cosmetic preparations are very popular today precisely because of the absence of serious contraindications, availability and ease of use. Manufacturers are trying to convince desperate men of the magical effect of their drugs. However, most cosmetic products for penis enlargement are pacifiers that bring absolutely no result, and in some cases cause severe allergic reactions due to sensitive skin or intolerance to any of the components of the drug.

You need to purchase cosmetics on the official websites of the manufacturer. Before using ointments, gels or creams for penis enlargement, a specialist consultation is necessary.


To achieve a temporary lengthening effect, you can use special attachments on the penis. Attachments come in different sizes (from 3-6 to 10 cm) and can be purchased at any sex store. They are usually made of silicone or latex and feel like leather. The attachments prolong sexual intercourse by reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis. The use of attachments is completely safe for both partners.

Modernity is such that we all strive to meet established standards and do not value our individuality. Manufacturers of various cosmetics and intimate devices for enlarging the male organ make huge money on the desire of men to have a member of an impressive size. The effect of such a variety of funds will certainly manifest itself if you use them wisely and without harming your own health.

Most modern women choose healthy men with good potency and persistent erection. Don't focus on the size of your instrument. Learn a variety of sexual positions and techniques. Take pride in your manhood and possess it in such a way that your partner really enjoys being intimate with you.