Penis enlargement attachments

For some men, penis enlargement attachments are a great way to bring a partner to orgasm. At the same time, even owners of impressive sizes do not hesitate to use them to add some zest to their sexual life. It is not a problem to buy a product at the moment - any sex shop can provide you with a huge assortment of your choice.

woman surprised by the size of the penis enlarged by the nozzle

Products are made from silicone or hypoallergenic materials. The attachments themselves have a different shape, which is aimed at stimulating different erogenous zones in the woman's vagina, and some allow at the same time to massage the partner's anus and clitoris. The cost for them varies greatly depending on the material and the country of manufacture. Most of these sex toys are aimed specifically at increasing the male member. The attachments are convenient to use, make the penis feel and look larger, and make it heavier. No special skills are required to use the nozzle, just follow the simple instructions.

Types of enlarging attachments

As already mentioned, the assortment of attachments is huge. Among the whole set, the following types of nozzles can be distinguished, which have their own characteristics of use and the effect obtained:

  • Extension nozzle;
  • Thickening nozzle;
  • Vibrator attachment;
  • Embossed nozzle;
  • Stimulants of erogenous zones.

With a choice, you can ask a consultant for help. Do not be shy - sellers of intimate shops will not laugh at you, but will only help you with your choice. Half of the success of using attachments is the right choice, because if the width is not enough, you simply cannot put it on.

Penis extension

The lengthening models help with a short penis length. They are a kind of condom, thicker and stronger. It is worn in a similar way, but problems with a too wide member are possible. It is advisable to roughly know the volume of your penis - you can use it to make the right choice of a nozzle.

At the end of the "head" of the extender, there is a soft silicone or hypoallergenic pad that mimics the glans of the penis. It may contain pimples or other relief devices that stimulate the female vagina throughout. To use it, it is enough to read the instructions on the Internet, and intercourse with a nozzle is almost no different from usual.

You can enlarge the penis in this way, depending on the length of the nozzle - on average, from 3 to 10 centimeters. Be careful, as too long an attachment can injure the vagina and cause bleeding. To prevent this, it must be borne in mind that the average length of a woman's vagina is about 15-16 centimeters at the time of arousal.

Thickening nozzle

The thickening penis model is a tight silicone condom. It is selected individually, according to the width of the penis and the desired result. The main disadvantage of such a nozzle is the loss of sensitivity, but this significantly prolongs sexual intercourse and delays ejaculation.

For the pleasure of a partner, such products are often made from cyber leather - a synthetic analogue of human skin, which gives the feeling of natural skin. These magnifiers are not cheap at all, but the result exceeds all expectations. With the right choice of width, such a "condom" can be ejaculated - it will not allow sperm to enter the vagina and prevent pregnancy.

Both types have one common drawback - a decrease in sensitivity during intercourse. There is no way to avoid this. Therefore, if you have a long delayed ejaculation, it is advisable not to use these devices, or to discuss all the details with your partner. You will most likely have to end sex not sexually.

Vibrator attachment

This type of device can no longer be attributed to penis enlargement - it rather bears the character of additional pleasure. A vibrator is installed in the head of the product, which vibrates either constantly or at the moment of friction. Being at the level of the back wall of the vagina, the vibrator gives a woman great pleasure.

penis enlargement vibrator attachment

A man is also not deprived of it - stimulation of the head gives new sensations from sex. They are also made of silicone or cyber leather, which gives an additional sense of presence. The main disadvantage is the price of such attachments. Good items can even go as high as five digits, especially with store margins. The use is similar to the first two types - the attachment is attached to the erect penis. Care must be taken with cheap Chinese models - they may be defective, or with a too strong motor, which will lead to pain and discomfort of the head and vagina.

Embossed nozzle

The embossed attachments are derived directly from condoms. Manufacturers of latex products in the second half of the twentieth century decided to expand their range and increase sales. This is how condoms with antennae, ribs, pimples and other things for pleasure appeared. However, they often do not bring the desired effect - in order not to get away from the main purpose of the condom, they have to be released as thin as possible. Here silicone tips came to the rescue.

relief attachment for penis enlargement

In this case, they may not be so long or not at all encompassing the entire penis. The variety is huge, and at a price they are much lower than closed types. Most of them are made in China, where they are ordered. Cheap models can be made from cheap materials containing lead and allergens, therefore, before use, it must be thoroughly rinsed in warm water and preferably disinfected.

Stimulants of erogenous zones

The female vagina has two main sensory points. The first is located at the front wall, closer to the entrance and vulva, and the second on the back wall, next to the crown of the uterus. In the rest of the vaginal area, there are very few nerve endings, and they are stimulated mainly with strong expansion. You can get these erogenous zones without special devices - the sufficient length of the penis and its bend allow you to stimulate two points at once. However, even with sufficient skill, you can even give a woman pleasure with a straight member - the main thing is to choose the right posture.

intimacy with the penis enlargement attachment

Stimulants make this process easier. Such sex toys can be of different shapes - have branches for the clitoris and for the anus, stimulate the ji point and the crown of the uterus to achieve uterine orgasm. Due to the peculiarities of the individual anatomy, they may not be suitable for everyone, so sometimes it is worth trying a bunch of stimulants before you go out to find your own.

How to use the attachment

These sex toys are extremely unpretentious to use. Be sure to rinse them before use, since dirt can get on the penis and into the vagina, causing the development of urogenital inflammation. The disease is extremely painful, it takes a long time to heal and is painful.

For washing, it is advisable to use a medical antiseptic solution, which is sold in any pharmacy, hygienic soap and warm water. To begin with, it is advisable to soak the product in an antiseptic for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it abundantly with soap under running warm water.

After that, it is necessary to wash off the remaining soap - once it gets on the head of the penis, it can cause irritation. After that, the unpleasant smell of rubber that remains after the plant will often go away. Especially cheap Chinese nozzles, which are made without subsequent weathering and cleaning, suffer from this.

The attachment must be put on the attachment on a dry erect penis. This is necessary for a tight fixation of the nozzle. Often men at this stage lose their erection - not the most pleasant process during sex, but there is no need to despair. You can ask your partner to cheer you up in a peculiar way or put it on for you.

Be the most careful the first time. Enter slowly, without trying to drive in full. This is to test your feelings. In case of pain, it is necessary to immediately remove the attachment so as not to injure the tissue. It is advisable to use a water-based lubricant - conventional lubricants can damage the silicone of the nozzle.

After use, you can also rinse it and put it in a dark place. Do not store it on a windowsill - this can cause the silicone to melt and render the attachment unusable. Try not to overdo it - you can rub calluses, which is also extremely unpleasant for both sexes.

man vs penis enlargement attachment

In general, before purchasing, consider again whether you need such a toy. Sometimes you just need to get used to and get used to each other. The selection of the correct posture and rhythm is necessary even with the attachment, therefore without experience it will be extremely difficult for you to satisfy a woman. Be brave and don't be too critical of your mistakes.