Enlarge your penis and live a fulfilling sex life

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A huge role in the life of men is played by his potency and the penis. If the first can be improved with pills, then the penis can bring a lot of torment.

The small size of the penis can become a complex for a man and ruin all the joys of his sexual life. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the size of the penis, you can try to fix it.

Modern conditions only contribute to this. You can not only read and do exercises, but also resort to surgical intervention - and then you can definitely be convinced of the expected results if we talk about the size of the penis. But this method costs money and can bring other problems to your sex life.

"What is the correct penis size to be considered normal? "- you ask.

In fact, there are no norms for term length. But it is believed that if the size of the penis in an excited state is less than 10 cm, then this is a deviation from the norm, and if less than 2 cm, then such a penis is called a micropenis.

In other cases, the man himself determines the normality of the size of his genital organ: someone needs 14 cm, and someone is dissatisfied with the size that Tarzan has and tries to make it larger. A man determines the normality of the size of an organ by his aesthetic tastes, preference for a partner in sex, and appearance. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the size of the penis does not greatly affect the satisfaction of a woman in bed, because the growth of the organ will satisfy only the needs of a man. And reading stories about the grandiose adventures of other men is harmful - they can also lie.

The size of the penis depends on the genes and characteristics of the body, like all other parts of the body.

The size of the penis is determined even when intrauterine development occurs. Further, the penis increases in size when the growth increases and the boy matures. If at this age (up to about 13 years) testosterone is inactively synthesized in the body, then the genital organ will be small.

A small penis is also common in people who have hypospadias or have had some kind of injury or surgery. But how to increase masculine strength?

Effective increase in the growth of the penis by the manual method

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Penis enlargement at home, fast, inexpensive and practically effortless - isn't it a dream? !Penile growth can be increased both in thickness and length.

To increase the thickness of the penis, you need to artificially maintain an erection. In order to stretch the organ, you can use the method of enlarging the penis with the help of the fingers (manual method). In this way, you can increase the penis up to 3 centimeters. This exercise should be done for 10 to 30 minutes a day in the morning or evening.

Before you start to enlarge the penis in this way, you need to consult a doctor, since the load for each person should be individual, and there is also a possibility that you cannot engage in such a technique so that the member increases its height.

For penis enlargement to be effective, you need to follow some rules:

  • the penis and everything that touches it must be clean;
  • the position in which you do exercises that increase the growth of the penis should be comfortable;
  • you need to do exercises at a certain time of each day, regularly;
  • when massaging a member, it must be lubricated with a lubricant;
  • during exercises that increase the growth of the penis, care must be taken, there should be no pain;
  • before starting the exercises, the organ must be warmed up, the correct completion also affects the result.

How to enlarge your penis by 10 cm

Penis enlargement by 10 cm in a small number of days is probably the dream of almost every man with a genital organ of any size, because who would not want to have a large penis? To enlarge the penis by 10 cm, you will have to be patient, since the results will not appear instantly in a few days. To feel the changes, you need to exercise regularly for at least a couple of weeks. So how to enlarge your penis with home exercises?

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  1. First, the penis needs to be prepared for further massage. To do this, you need to apply a warm compress to it, which is made from a soft cloth soaked in warm water. The wrung-out cloth should be wrapped around the penis for three minutes and the compress should be repeated two more times. Such a compress will improve blood circulation and elasticity of the skin of the penis, that is, it will simplify the increase in the penis by several cm.
  2. The penis should not be in an erect state. Pull it away from the body and hold it in this position for five minutes. After this time, allow the organ to rest for a minute and restore blood circulation using a two-minute massage in a circular motion. Repeat this exercise 4 times, each time changing the direction of pulling the penis (that is, the second time it needs to be pulled, for example, to the right). After exercise, the penis should be slightly squeezed with the palm of your hand 10 times.
  3. Sit down and spread your legs wide. Take the penis in your hand and pull it 10 times in different directions (from the body to the body, up). After that, the penis must be excited, grasped at the base in a ring of thumb and forefinger, and hold the ring forward 10 times. After that, the penis must be pulled to the right side and made 10 circular movements in any direction. Then 10 rotations in the opposite direction. At the end of the exercise, the penis should be patted 10 times on the left thigh and 10 times on the right.

With the help of the same exercises, you can achieve a small penis growth of several cm in a small number of days.

"How does a vacuum pump affect penis growth? "- one of the questions that worries many men. This device is the most popular for penis enlargement, but if used irregularly as such, it does not bring any benefit. By acting on the penis with a vacuum, the pump improves blood circulation in the penis, so it becomes larger. To prevent the blood from flowing back, the penis is squeezed with a ring. It can be worn on the penis for no more than half an hour, and therefore the effect of a large penis is not long. In this way, it will be possible to make a member more not for a few days, but only for the time the ring is on the member, then the dignity will return to its previous size.

How to increase male energy

Over the years, male energy is harder to restore and to make it bigger, you need to eat some foods (you can mix strong tea, honey and vodka in equal proportions) and do exercises.

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Emotions also affect potency: the more sincere the emotions, the better to show male energy.

Also, to make male energy more suitable the following methods (the genitals will work better):

  • Bath (if there are no contraindications). After steaming, instantly increases energy and strength throughout the body. Before taking a steam bath, it is better to run a broom over the body - this already improves the aura.
  • Sex, of course. Regularly having sex, you can prolong and improve your health and male energy - it will accompany you longer. High-quality sex with a loved one will be the best medicine to increase the growth of strength in men. Permanent intimate relationships for men is a way not to hold energy in one place and to be young to a ripe old age.
  • Prostate massage. Having reached the age of thirty, it is recommended to do it from once a month.
  • Do not smoke or drink. Each of these intoxications negatively affects both the body as a whole and the energy and strength of men.
  • Obviously, but sport has a positive effect on all aspects of life, including intimate.
  • Healthy eating is very important for men. A healthy diet ensures that men do not have fat deposits that affect male energy - testosterone production is suppressed. And a small amount of it in the body causes an even greater fat mass. As you can see, the answers to the question of how to increase male strength and energy are not so difficult.

All of the above methods contribute to the preservation of male energy, which influences for the most part on sex life.

If the listed tips are not easy to read, but to begin to follow them, the surge of sexual energy can easily cover the imperfections in the size of the penis. Therefore, it is worth adhering to these rules.

So that the size in cm, which is the body of men, does not become a problem, you also just need to love yourself, accept it as it is. Self-love brings love from the outside, then the amount of cm will become imperceptible. You need to admire your body and love it, then Tarzan will envy. To make the penis bigger, you will have to spend a lot of effort, but whether the result will please you or not is unknown. Surgery can be harmful, as can improper penis enlargement at home. Therefore, it is worth thinking many times whether it is necessary.