Plastic enlargement of the penis. Surgery

Today, a plastic surgeon is often asked to enlarge the penis.

The procedure for enlarging a member of the operation takes place, and it is called ligamentotomy. Plastic surgery is developing and penis enlargement has ceased to be something unreal and fantastic.

It is no exaggeration to say that penis enlargement by surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. You can argue as much as you like that the matter is not at all in the size of the penis, but in the ability to use it, but nevertheless, this topic remains a sore point for the overwhelming majority of men.

The size of their dignity depends not only on how their sexual and family life will develop, but also on behavior, self-esteem, and the ability to stay in female society. If a man has a question about plastic surgery, then he should have a good idea of what causes the increase. Penile surgery is a whole branch of medical science.

penis length before and after enlargement surgery

An interesting moment! Doctors noted an interesting pattern - the larger the male genital organ at rest, the smaller its size will be in a state of sexual arousal, and vice versa.

Therefore, think several times about whether you really need penis lengthening surgery?

Varieties of plastic surgery to change the length of the penis

It is possible to enlarge the penis surgically using several different techniques. It should be noted right away that in the broadest sense, we can talk about only two types of plastic enlargement of the penis and changes in its length. It can be a penis enlargement procedure aimed at adjusting the length of the penis, as well as making it more voluminous.

Penis enlargement procedure

Most often, a man is dissatisfied with the length of his penis, therefore, an enlargement of the penis by surgery is such an operation that has been worked out for years. Surgical intervention is the fastest way to solve this problem. However, for this you need to clearly know how to increase male dignity, the operation to enlarge the penis surgically takes place according to a certain algorithm.

It is quite complex and can only be trusted by experienced doctors in penis enlargement surgery, only they will be able to perform such an operation well.

penis enlargement surgery

Penile enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about an hour. Penis enlargement occurs by stretching its ligaments and tissues.

There are two ways to perform an operation to increase manhood - the pubic method and the scrotal method. The first method is considered less accurate, since after such an operation there are noticeable traces in the form of scars and scars on the pubis. Augmentation with the help of surgery through the scrotum is more aesthetically pleasing and is carried out in many modern clinics.

Of course, before the operation, a certain control over the patient's health is carried out. He passes all the tests, the doctor talks to him about hereditary diseases, about his tendencies to allergies, the function of all his internal organs is being investigated. Operational enlargement of the penis never takes place without these mandatory measures. Only the patient who is in good health in all respects will be able to enlarge the penis operationally.

And even the conclusion about good health does not mean at all that the surgical enlargement of the penis can be done by anyone who is dissatisfied with the size of his manhood; such an operation requires additional control. Since the intervention is complex, and there is a high risk that it will not bring any changes, it is initially shown only to those men whose penis in a state of arousal is no more than 3 centimeters.

small penis and penis enlargement surgery

However, since the patient is an adult, he must understand the number of risk factors. If he insists on penile enlargement surgery, then it should be performed regardless of the original size of his penis. The essence of the operation to lengthen the penis is that the doctor pulls out the missing centimeters of the penis from the pelvis.

The fact is that half of the cavernous bodies of the male member is located in this area. The place that was freed after removing a part of the penis from it is filled with special connective tissue and heals very soon. Of course, after such an operation, a scar will remain, but it will not be very noticeable in case of intervention through the scrotum. Most likely, even a woman who enters into a relationship with a man and is not aware that he underwent such an operation will not notice him.

Important! In order for the effect of such an operation to be accurately preserved, doctors may recommend wearing an extender.

This is such a special device that allows you to increase the length of manhood. However, there are disagreements between doctors about the timing of wearing and about their beginning.

Some doctors believe that the extender should be started to be worn literally the next day after the operation, while others advise first to heal the penis as much as possible, and only then to prevent the preservation of its length.

wearing an extender after penis enlargement surgery

In addition, the extender helps to make the penis even longer than plastic surgery suggests. With the help of surgery, the penis can be increased by a maximum of three centimeters, and with regular wearing of the extender, an improvement can be achieved by 6 centimeters.

The procedure for increasing male dignity in diameter

Another possible method to enlarge the penis is to enlarge it in width. Many men also want to enlarge the penis with a surgical operation in volume, such an operation is also popular, albeit somewhat more difficult than lengthening the penis.

Only a professional surgeon can carry out such an intervention, therefore it is better to apply only to proven clinics. The service there may be more expensive, but this will avoid the risk of complications after such an operation. The complexity of the operation lies in the fact that the male penis has a complex blood supply system by nature, and there is a risk that new tissues simply will not take root in the period after the operation, and the penis will not work as it should.

before and after penis enlargement surgery

The technique for increasing the thickness of the penis is also not at all so harmless. In order to increase the thickness of an existing penis, you need skin with fatty tissue, and it is taken most often from the male buttocks.

During the operation, the penis must be freed from its own skin, wrapped in additional layers of flesh, and then only put it back into its own skin. In order for the operation to be successful, it is necessary to make sure that the vessels of the new flesh and the vessels of the existing one grow together.

penis enlargement surgery

Sometimes doctors remove the skin from the male buttocks so as not to damage the bundles of blood vessels, this will facilitate tissue fusion and ensure a more favorable outcome of the operation. Moreover, your own tissues will take root better.

There are also such types of penis enlargement by surgery, where you do not have to take tissue from the patient. They can be replaced with special biomass, both in pure form and in the form of injections.

penis enlargement surgery

In addition, one such operation will clearly not be enough in order to achieve the desired result, it will have to be repeated several times.

After penis enlargement surgery, you will have to abstain from sexual intercourse for a long time, about 2-3 weeks after each of them.

Important! Many men are frightened by the fact that penis enlargement surgery can negatively affect the quality of their sex life, erection and potency, so they treat it, if not with fear, then with perceptible apprehension.

But fearful men can be reassured by the fact that such an operation has absolutely no effect on a man's sex life and will only be of an aesthetic nature.

Indications for an operation to increase the length of the penis

As mentioned above, an operation to correct male dignity is not done to everyone, but there are cases in which such an intervention is really necessary.

These include:

  1. A deformed genital organ in the course of various kinds of diseases, including diseases of the endocrine system. For example, diabetes mellitus.
  2. Lack of potency or a significant decrease in potency.
  3. Abnormal growth of tissues, muscles and corpus cavernosum.
  4. Congenital diseases of the male genital organs, due to which the penis has ceased to develop.
  5. Injury and mechanical damage to manhood.
  6. Failed surgery on the groin organs that are too close to the genitals. This can be the bladder, pre-metal gland, or rectum. It happens that during the operation, the surgeon damages the penis and he needs plastic correction.
  7. Any complications after other surgical interventions that affected the male's sexual health.
  8. The dimensions of manhood, which cause too pronounced discomfort, and, moreover, we can talk about both too small and too large a penis.
  9. The patient's decision to change sex.
curvature of the penis after augmentation surgery

In addition, a man wants to meet the generally accepted standards that are dictated by modern media and fashion. Some men can abstract from this and love their body as it is, but for others it becomes a problem so global that it is simply not possible to cope with it. For these men, surgery becomes the only possible way out.

Penile Prosthetics Surgery

And again, men have doubts about such an operation, only they are afraid, as a rule, not of the consequences, but of the fact that the result of the operation will be noticeable, and that their dignity will look unnatural.

In addition to operations directly to increase the size of the penis, there is also such a method of correcting manhood as prosthetics. Usually, such a procedure is resorted to when it is necessary to change the shape of the penis or correct some of its other defects (thickenings), even of a congenital nature. Sometimes such intervention is necessary due to the fact that the man's erectile function is impaired. Thus, this is not a conventional penis lengthening operation.

There are three types of penile prosthetics:

  1. Rigid prosthetics. In terms of the method of execution, this method of prosthetics is considered the easiest of all, however, it has one significant drawback - the organ is always in a state of erection, and a man cannot control it. In most cases, this will cause him inconvenience, also because plastic is used for this type of prosthetics.
  2. Plastic prosthetics. This is a more acceptable form of surgical penis lengthening, although more complex. The penis takes on a natural shape, and the metal rod that is implanted into the penis has a memory that allows the dignity to behave more naturally and to be made smaller when needed.
  3. Inflatable prostheses. This is the most popular type of prosthetics and augmentation of the penis surgically today, as it allows the penis to be in a state of erection and to be in a state of complete rest.

Important! Prosthetics allows you to return the penis to the correct shape, it is especially popular among men who have pathologies in the development of the penis.

Contraindications to penile enlargement

Like any other surgical intervention, the penis enlargement procedure has a number of contraindications that must be observed.

  1. Young people who have not yet reached the age of 18 are not allowed to plastic surgery to correct the size of the organ, they cannot enlarge the penis surgically, since it has not yet fully formed, otherwise the consequences of such an increase in the penis can be catastrophic.
  2. The operation is not performed in cases where existing pathologies can interfere with this.
  3. Poor blood clotting interferes with many surgical operations, including penis enlargement.
  4. Persons with genitourinary infections are also not allowed to such events.

What to do if plastic is contraindicated for you?

If plastic surgery is contraindicated for you, but you still want to enlarge your penis, then you should look for some alternative methods with which you can carry out your plans.

Of course, they are not as fast as penis enlargement surgery, but still worth a try. Try wearing an extender for several months or master some masturbation techniques that will help increase the size of your manhood by a few desired centimeters.


Thus, penis enlargement with the help of plastic surgery takes place in modern medicine and is widely used. Therefore, if you are experiencing complexes about the length of your penis, then perhaps such a procedure is what you need?

bandaged penis after augmentation surgery

Remember that penis enlargement surgery is not the cheapest pleasure, but the result will be worth the money spent.