Penis enlargement operations, ligamentotomy, phalloplasty and others

Many men are worried about the size of their genitals. Some of them think that it is quite small and because of this they are looking for various methods of increasing it. There are many different ways to lengthen the penis today. If the size of the penis is slightly less than average, then it can be lengthened non-surgically. However, if it is small due to some pathology, then a ligamentotomy is performed.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

Before carrying out the operation, you need to figure out how much the operation to enlarge the penis costs. The final cost of an operation is made up of many different factors.

Some men are uncomfortable with ligamentotomy and do lipofilling. This type of phalloplasty is slightly more expensive.

Having figured out how much penis enlargement costs, you can choose the most suitable operation for the price.

When to perform surgery

Before carrying out the operation, a man must be completely confident in his decision and in the need for this procedure. Some guys go to clinics to get a surgical augmentation for themselves, even if they don't need it. Of course, if you want to enlarge the penis surgically, you can in any case.

However, it is recommended to do this if its size during arousal does not exceed 8-9 cm. Such figures indicate that a man has a micropenis and he just needs to undergo penis enlargement surgery.

the man measured the size of the penis before the enlargement operation

However, this is not the only reason why phalloplasty is done. There are also physiological problems that can only be solved by surgery. These include:

  • hypospadias and other congenital pathologies;
  • Peyronie's disease;
  • serious injury to the penis.

There are also several functional issues that can affect the size of the manhood:

  • low tissue elasticity;
  • too thin a fat layer, which makes the penis much thinner;
  • aging man syndrome.
happy woman and man promptly enlarged penis

Before carrying out a penis enlargement surgery, the patient is advised to consult with a psychotherapist. The thing is, some guys have micropenis syndrome. Due to such a psychological disorder, it seems to them that their organ is very small.

Sometimes communication with a psychotherapist helps, and patients themselves refuse to undergo surgery.

Features of the operation

Before carrying out the operation, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the features of this procedure.

Phalloplasty allows you to lengthen the penis by removing its hidden part. The essence of such an operation is as follows:

  • the penis is lengthened due to the dissection of the retaining ligament;
  • a special biopolymer matrix is introduced into the skin, which accelerates the development of connective tissues several times;
  • after the operation, cell regeneration will accelerate, which will also affect the size.

When the male enlargement surgery is completed, a new penis position will be formed. Therefore, it will take some time to use an extender to fix the position of the penis. If you abandon the extender, then over time the penis will return to its previous position, and the operation will not bring any results.

It is known that the surgical method can not only lengthen the penis, but also make it thicker. This is done in several ways:

penis measurement after enlargement surgery
  • The introduction of the rectus muscle from the abdomen under the skin of the penis. Many doctors use this method for thickening. The advantages of this method include the fact that its own tissue is used during the operation. It does not disrupt blood circulation and takes root almost immediately. However, many such phalloplasty frightens off, as the procedure is too expensive.
  • Application of special fillers. Some experts use synthetic gels to increase the thickness of the penis. This penis enlargement should be done under local anesthesia. Many people use this procedure for temporary penis enlargement. Because after 9-10 months, fillers will have to be re-injected under the skin.
  • The introduction of adipose tissue. Penile enlargement with adipose tissue is popular among guys. The injected tissue eventually takes root under the skin, which leads to significant thickening of the penis.
  • Application of a biocollagen matrix. After the operation, the number of corpora cavernosa increases. As a result, this increases the diameter of the penis.
  • Falloprosthetics. During the operation, the patient is implanted with an artificial prosthesis. This type of phalloplasty is performed when patients have problems with sexual dysfunction. Quite often, falloprosthetics is performed if the patient has previously undergone metoidioplasty.

How is the operation going

Plastic surgery to enlarge the penis takes place in several successive stages, which are recommended to be familiarized with in advance.


Before starting an operation, preliminary medical examinations are carried out. This is done to make sure there are no contraindications.

Therefore, the patient needs to go to the urologist in advance and pass urine and blood tests.

A blood test is done to determine the Rh factor and blood group. It also excludes hepatitis and the presence of HIV infection. The surgeon may refuse surgery to enlarge the phallus if the examination reveals:

  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • exacerbated chronic diseases accompanied by high blood pressure;
  • problems with the genitourinary system;
  • infections.

If all examinations are passed and no problems are found, then it will be possible to enlarge the penis with the help of a surgeon.

Carrying out the procedure

The ligamentotomy is performed under general anesthesia, so the patient is first put to sleep. The surgeon has about 40-50 minutes to perform the operation. During this time, he must carefully make an incision near the scrotum. Most doctors make a Y-shaped incision, as this increases the view several times. In modern clinics, ligamentotomy is performed using an endoscope. In this case, the incisions are made very small.

sexy man enlarged penis promptly

In the future, the course of the operation will depend on the technique used. If the classical method is used, the doctor will cut the connections in order to extract the internal parts of the organ outside. Then all this is fixed with an extractor and the operation ends.

Some people do not want to enlarge the penis in the classical way and prefer the second method. Its essence lies in the application of the patient's fat, which the surgeon will place in the penis.This technique is rather complicated and therefore it is better to entrust this procedure to a real professional.

To get acquainted with the operation in more detail, you can watch a video where everything will be shown in detail.

Operation efficiency

Many men who have not yet increased their dignity are interested in the effectiveness of such a procedure. It is impossible to accurately predict the outcome. However, some claim that their penises have increased by 2-4 cm. It all depends on the person himself and his physiological characteristics.

Wearing an extender can also affect the result of a ligamentotomy. People who wore it during the rehabilitation period claim that they increased the length of the penis by 6 cm. Therefore, it is imperative to wear this device after a surgical augmentation. It is necessary to use the extender for at least two months. At the same time, you only need to wear it for a few hours a day.

The extender must be used very carefully so as not to accidentally damage the phallus. In the first weeks, do not pull on the penis too much.

If, while wearing the device, strong pain occurs, then the extender must be slightly loosened. The tension on the fixture can be gradually increased.


After the operation has passed, rather unpleasant consequences can appear. Plastic surgery is a field in which only real specialists should work. If the procedure for enlarging the phallus was carried out by an inexperienced doctor, then there is a possibility of complications. In the first months, wound infection and severe bleeding may occur. Some patients complain that the penis has begun to stand worse.

Over time, the above problems may add:

  • deterioration in the sensitivity of the head;
  • deformation of the phallus;
  • change in the angle of erection;
  • tissue necrosis.

If any of these complications begin to appear, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Other methods of magnification

There are also simpler methods for lengthening manhood. To do this, you can use:

the woman is surprised by the increased size of the man's penis promptly
  • Jelqing. The scheme for using this technique is quite simple. First, you need to warm up the penis a little to prepare it for stress. This can be done with warm water or regular rubbing. When the phallus is warmed up, it will have to be brought to a state of incomplete erection. Then the base of the penis is wrapped around the thumb and forefinger, which must be gradually moved towards the head. The procedure is carried out within 10 minutes.
  • Vacuum pump. Some men use special pumps to lengthen the phallus. With the help of such a device, blood circulation can be improved, which has a positive effect on erection and helps to get rid of impotence. Most men who have used a vacuum pump claim that it helped them lengthen the penis.


Some men who are unhappy with the size of their phallus consider penis lengthening surgery. Before contacting the surgeon, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the features of the ligamentotomy operation to make sure that it is necessary. To do this, you can, for example, watch a video describing the nuances of the procedure.