Penile enlargement surgery

It can be repeated a thousand times that the size of the penis does not matter for full sexual intercourse and satisfaction of a sexual partner, but for many representatives of the stronger sex this topic is very painful. The desire of a man to become the owner of a more impressive dignity is not so unattainable, since in the arsenal of modern aesthetic medicine there is a method for a radical solution to the issue - a surgical operation to increase the length or thickness of the penis.

The rest of the methods (hardware, medication, enlarging the penis of the nozzle), although they are positioned as effective, the result in most cases shows unsatisfactory. The radical, surgical method gives a 100% guarantee of success.

penis enlargement surgery instruments

When the operation is justified

The desire of a man to enlarge his penis is fundamental in deciding on an operation. Although, in fact, most of the clients who come to the plastic surgery clinic for this purpose do not need to correct the size of the genital organ.

There are no rigid limits regarding the length and thickness of the male genital organ. Except when in a state of erection the penis of an adult man is less than 8 cm in length. This phenomenon is called a micropenis and is a valid indication for penis enlargement with surgical methods.

Plastic surgery is not a treatment for erectile dysfunction and does not affect how the erect penis will stand after surgery.

Surgical correction of the size and shape of the penis is carried out for a number of physiological and morphological problems. So, for medical reasons, penis entrainment surgery is performed under the following painful conditions:

  • the consequences of the trauma suffered;
  • congenital pathologies (hypospadias, episapia);
  • Peyronie's disease.
curvature of the penis as an indication for operational augmentation

Functional indications include:

  • aging man syndrome;
  • deficiency of subcutaneous fat, as a result of which the penis can become thinner;
  • decrease in the elasticity of organ tissues.

In addition, when deciding on the advisability of an operation to enlarge the penis, in some cases, aesthetic indications are considered due to the patient's psychological disorder - penile dysmorphophobia or micropenis syndrome. In such a situation, an operation to change the size of the penis is done only if the work of a psychotherapist has not yielded positive results.

Penile length correction method

At the first consultation, the doctor tells the patient what method can be used for the plastic surgery of the penis, the nuances of the operation, how long the surgical manipulations will take, how long the rehabilitation will last. The importance of preliminary examination to exclude contraindications to surgery is discussed. The topic of possible complications, side effects, what negative phenomena can occur if you do not follow medical recommendations are certainly touched upon.

At the first appointment, organizational issues are also discussed, namely, how much the penis enlargement operation costs and the approximate cost of treatment during the recovery period.

To increase the length of the penis, the ligamentotomy method is usually used. The technology is based on the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the organ and consists in dissecting the suspension ligaments, with which the corpora cavernosa are attached to the pubic bone. The length of the penis is increased by the release of its inner part.

An operation to enlarge the penis is performed under general anesthesia. Surgical procedures last about an hour and are as follows:

  • the operating field in the groin area is treated with an antiseptic and covered with a sterile surgical napkin;
  • the surgeon cuts the skin and crosses the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone;
  • the incision is sutured with catgut (absorbable surgical sutures);
  • a sterile bandage is applied to the wound area.
extender after penis enlargement surgery

After such a penis plasty, the patient remains in the hospital for 3-5 days, where he is under the round-the-clock supervision of medical personnel. The operation to increase the size of the penis using the ligamentotomy method allows you to add to the initial length from 2 cm to 6 cm, depending on the physiological characteristics of the structure of the penis. During the recovery period and in order to achieve the most positive result, patients need to wear a special attachment - an extender.

Surgical methods for increasing the thickness of the penis

Penile thickening surgery is technologically more difficult and time-consuming than surgical techniques aimed at increasing the length of the organ. The risks of complications are much higher, therefore, the obligatory stay of the patient in the hospital of the clinic during the rehabilitation period takes 10 or more days. Accordingly, the cost of such a penis enlargement operation is slightly higher.

Surgical enlargement of the shaft of the penis in diameter is performed by transferring the patient's own donor tissues under the skin of the organ or implantation of artificial materials into the penis. Fat and muscle tissues, special gels, fillers, biodegradable matrices are used as implants.

For example, lipofilling, plastic minimally invasive surgery to enlarge the male genital organ in diameter, is the transfer of fatty tissue under the skin of the trunk. The required amount of donor material is taken by liposuction of the patient's pubic area. The fat is processed using a special technology, and then injected under the skin of the penis along the entire length of the trunk.

Thanks to lipofilling, the diameter of the penis increases by 1–2 cm. The result lasts for 1. 5–2 years. Then, at the request of the man, you can repeat the operation. In a similar way, in the clinic of aesthetic medicine, a surgical increase in the diameter of the penis is performed using a complex of gluteal subcutaneous fat tissues.

The advantage of muscle tissue transplantation is that the operation can increase the thickness of the penis by more than 2 cm. The disadvantage of the method is greater trauma, a long rehabilitation period, and a high degree of risk of side effects.

Possible complications

If during the plastic surgery mistakes were made or the patient is negligent in adhering to medical recommendations during the rehabilitation and recovery period, the risk of various complications increases. In the first 1-2 months, there may be observed: bleeding in the operated area, wound infection, long-lasting swelling of the penis, pain in an erection, decreased sensitivity of the head of the penis.

a man has poor potency after an operative penis enlargement

The list of the most common late complications includes:

  • violation of the angle of erection (with an inclination forward or downward);
  • instability of the penis during frictions;
  • shortening of the shaft of the penis;
  • curvature and / or deformation of the organ;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • dissolution of implants or necrosis of donor material;
  • violation of the sensitivity of the head.

In order not to face such phenomena, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of a doctor. Plastic surgery uses complex techniques that require the surgeon to be responsible, accurate, and fluent in the technique of conducting operations. You can entrust the manipulation of your body only to specialists who have already managed to prove themselves on the good side in the field of aesthetic medicine.