Exercises for penis enlargement - complex to lengthen penis

How to increase penis size? This issue is of interest not only men, but also for their beautiful companions. Unfortunately, not all representatives of the stronger sex absolutely confident and ready to deal for the sake of increasing his dignity.

exercises for penis enlargement

How to increase penis size?

Some men really want to increase the length and diameter of the penis. Some fear that they have "less than all" others believe that "could be bigger".

Before you jump to action and change your sexual organ, you should know what a normal penis size (maybe you just underestimate?) and what is the perfect penis size (probably the size of your penis will bring your partner pleasure and not pain?).

The increase in penis size is possible in various ways. Of non surgical is this:

  • pump;
  • exercises and weights;
  • medication.

Vacuum pump

This method is classical and often used to increase sexual organ. Member is placed in a small cylinder, which is connected to an air pump.

Due to this vacuum begins to stimulate the flow of blood, the penis becomes excited and increases visually. After which the member clamped in a certain ring that prevents rapid outflow of blood. This method is not the best, because:

  • after removal of the ring member becomes the same size as you were previously;
  • it is not excluded temporary impotence;
  • possible bruises, damage to blood vessels;
  • the wear ring can be no more than half an hour, otherwise you may damage the fabrics.

Exercises and weights

Before to start performance of such elements, remember that the penis is not a bicep. Pump it up is impossible. However, some sources claim that can provide users with a special exercise program that will help increase male organ.

One of these exercises to enlarge the penis is massage. Like how he combines elements of the ancient Arab techniques that can perform miracles.

There are also various weights that should be put on the penis and stretch it. It seems like after regular wear (for 8 hours a day!) it is possible to increase the penis. However, this is a very dubious method as it can be used to stretch the skin, but not the body.

enlargement methods

Magical ointments and pills

There are no medical evidence which would confirm that the use of such drugs affects the size of the penis. Most of these "drugs" in the ginseng, "herbal viagra", the grass of a mountain goat. They are not harmful to the body men, but the effect does not have.

How to enlarge penis length surgically?

In contrast to the above methods, surgery can give real effect. But before you go on the operating table, it is worth remembering about the possible risks.

In 2006 in the publication "European urology today" published an article, which stated that the average length that you can increase sexual organ, 2-2.5 see today, patients are offered two basic types of operations.

Increase penis length

As you know, the penis attaches to the pelvis due to the presence of strong special ropes. These supporting ligaments are connected with the sexual organ and hiding part of it inside the body. As a result of operation of the ligament is cut, and tension is weakened.

This is what leads to the fact that after the surgery becomes visible to a large part. And in order to further the ligament began to heal, the patient daily have to wear a special device to delay for six months.

The increase in diameter of the member

Previously the operation was that of other parts of the body, doctors took fat tissue, add them to the shaft of the penis, making it broader. However, the effects were not the best, because fat tissue sometimes deteriorated and penis seemed rude.

And then began to implant the allograft, which is tissue that is transplanted from a genetically similar organism, which is used in various types of reconstructive surgery. Some doctors, such as Brian George. Rosenthal argue that such implant gives a more lasting effect. However, to ensure how to behave in the donor tissue after transplantation, nobody can.

There are also other types of operations. For example, if a man is obese, then liposuction at the base of the penis removed fatty tissue, making the visual more member.

What conclusions can we draw?

Before you go to the surgeon or start taking dubious drugs, which (according to manufacturers) is able to increase the member several times, talk to your partner, maybe the size of your penis is perfect for her and you don't want anything to change in yourself.

Remember that such ungrounded systems may cause the development of many ailments. For example, your stress and depression may even develop psychogenic erectile dysfunction. In this case, to fix it you will need to use medicines.

big penis

Actually increase penis size is possible only with the help of surgeons. Various pills, creams, exercises and the weights will not bring any positive effect, and some of these methods can significantly hurt you. So before you make such important decision, weigh all the "pros" and "cons".