How to enlarge your penis at home: ways to enlarge your penis

By measuring his penis, a man finds out the most important numbers in his life. Before the parameters of the penis, the appearance and status of a man fades, because having a modest size of the genital organ, completely different difficulties arise - low self-esteem, fear of women, fear of failure in bed.

And in more severe cases, depression occurs, which can only be dealt with through consultation with a psychologist, and the appointment of medications, in particular, tranquilizers.

Due to the fact that a small penis is so difficult in your personal life, there are ways to help you enlarge your penis at home. However, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to exercise on a regular basis, adhering to all the rules and recommendations of training.

It is worth considering what methods, performed at home, ensure penis enlargement, which technique will be the most effective and efficient, and is it possible to enlarge the penis on your own? To correctly answer all the questions posed, you need to study the videos and reviews of men who have already achieved the desired results at home.

Penile enlargement at home

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

If you look at all the methods that increase the penis, then we can state that all of them, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are suitable for performing at home.

This can be the performance of any exercises to stretch the penis, or the use of special devices.

Home enlargement methods:

  • Penis vacuum pump is a penis enlargement trainer that works on the principle of negative pressure, acting on the corpus cavernosum of the penis.
  • Extender - an orthopedic device, due to the constant power load on the penis, ensures its increase at home. The package includes additional components that allow you to stretch the penis to the maximum physiological length.
  • Penis attachments are sold in specialized intimate stores, most often used immediately before intercourse to give your partner an unforgettable pleasure.
  • Gel is a topical agent applied directly to the penis twice a day. Due to the unique plant composition, the penis grows rapidly, not only in length, but also in thickness.
  • The device is a new generation device that allows you to enlarge the penis, improves erection and restores full blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

In addition to the above methods of penis enlargement, there are also such types: Arabian Jelqing technique, Taoist practices, manual corrections, penis massaging and others.

Any of the methods will help to enlarge the penis at home, however, to achieve the desired effect, you will have to wait three months. Video reviews of men show that with due perseverance and striving for the goal, it is really possible to increase the penis by 2-3 cm in six months.

Jelqing technique

jelqing exercise for penis enlargement

This Arab method of penis enlargement has several centuries of successful assistance to different representatives of the stronger sex.

It is based on a certain set of movements (performed by hands), as a result of which there is an active growth of the penis in two directions: length and thickness.

On the Internet, you can find not only reviews of men who demonstrate the results achieved, but also a special video tutorial that teaches beginners to correctly and accurately perform the exercise at home to achieve the desired result.

It is believed that in the early way of penis enlargement, the wet way of doing the exercise is most effective:

  1. Sit on a chair or stand on a flat surface.
  2. Apply a lubricant or specialized cream to the penis.
  3. Bring yourself to an erect state by 2/3 of the total erection.
  4. Take your penis with one hand at its base, grab your fist as close to the pubic region as possible.
  5. Stretch your fist towards the head, applying a certain load on the penis.
  6. If too painful sensations arise during training at home, it is recommended to weaken the force of the load.

Based on the reviews of men, we can confidently state that the visual results of penis enlargement at home are observed in the second month of training. In addition, there is another benefit from doing the exercise - all movements contribute to a full flow of blood to the pelvic organs, which also affects the growth of the penis.

Basic tips and tricks

penis enlargement device

As the practice of representatives of the stronger sex shows, you can increase your penis at home, the main thing is to make some efforts. After analyzing a lot of information, you can provide the following recommendations:

Be proactive. Physical activity will not be able to increase the reproductive organ, but it has a beneficial effect on the quality and duration of the erect state.

Before performing any exercise, it is necessary to warm up the penis, which will make the penis more elastic and prone to painless stretching.

Do not overdo it with the load on the genital organ, as this can lead to rupture of small capillaries and the formation of hematomas, as a result of which the pain in the penis will bother you for a week.

  • Men leave good reviews about a tool that allows you to accelerate the growth of the penis, while an improvement in erection is observed, the penis becomes large and elastic.
  • It is important to adhere to the training time frame. For example, the pumping procedure should not exceed 15 minutes per day, and the maximum wearing of the extender per day is 6 hours.
  • Penis enlargement is a complex procedure, therefore it is recommended to combine several methods, for example, a cream and a vacuum pump, in order to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time.

In conclusion, it is advisable to say that the growth of the penis in all men occurs in different ways, and depends on individual constitutional characteristics, as well as other factors. In the process of enlargement, the patience of the stronger sex is of no small importance, since penis enlargement is a lengthy procedure.