Vacuum pump for penis enlargement: how to choose and where to buy? Brand overview

A vacuum pump is a simple device consisting of a transparent flask with latex nozzles, a rubber bulb, which is connected by a rubber tube or other device that acts as a pump. Additionally, the flask can be supplied with vibrators, erection enhancers. There is also a latex ring that is put on the base of the penis after the onset of an erection, if intercourse is planned.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

How to choose a pump and understand all the variety of models? To do this, it is necessary to study its principle of action, to clarify the indications.

The main indications for use:

  1. Erectile disorders;
  2. Significant decrease in potency;
  3. Low arousal;
  4. Dissatisfaction with the parameters of the penis;
  5. Lack of firmness at the base of the penis.

The device works on the principle of creating a low pressure, which allows you to create a rarefied environment to increase the pressure inside the penis. This leads to the fact that the blood flow to the cavernous bodies improves, due to which they increase, stretch.

How to enlarge your penis with a vacuum pump:

  1. You need to use it for a long period;
  2. Follow the training scheme.

The vacuum pump enlarges the penis using the pressure method. Pressure is created around the penis, which improves blood circulation. Cavernous bodies fill with blood. The process is similar to a natural erection. The penis becomes firm and elastic in a short time. Even with an incomplete erection, it is possible to have sex, because the stimulation in a natural way allows the penis to "stand up". The device is used as a massage agent. The pressure in the flask stretches the corpora cavernosa, improving circulation and increasing size.

The penis is placed in a flask, and air is pumped out with a rubber bulb. Due to the negative pressure in the flask, the flow of blood to the genitals is enhanced. The pump is held in this position for 1 minute, then a special valve is opened, the air comes out, the penis takes on its original appearance. Or the finger is removed from the hole on the flask, which was covered during the pumping of air. It is recommended to induce an erection 15 times in one procedure. The duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes.

Thanks to a simple principle of action, but a very effective technique, you can improve potency, enlarge the penis, get rid of some diseases. The vacuum pump is recommended by experts as one of the most effective and safe means. The device has no contraindications, it can be used at any age.

The duration of one session of using a vacuum pump is approximately 15-20 minutes. To achieve long-term results, the first fourteen days of sessions are recommended to be carried out once a day. After this period, the procedures are carried out every other day. The best time for sessions is 1 - 2 hours before bedtime. A noticeable result can be observed after a couple of months, after which the regularity of using the pump can be reduced to 1 time every 3 days.

What are they

Vacuum pumps for penis enlargement have the same design - a transparent plastic flask with a ruler applied.

The kit includes a seal nozzle that creates a vacuum, and a bulb, which allows you to build up pressure in the flask. Improved models are equipped with additional components: adjustment button, pressure gauge or release valve.

  1. Manual pumps. The air is removed from the device using a piston or a bulb. The main advantage is availability, but achieving the effect is energy-intensive.
  2. manual vacuum pump
  3. Automatic pumps. The pressure in the flask is reduced by a built-in electric pump. The automatic vacuum pump is battery operated. The enlargement of the penis is effortless, and the current pressure is displayed on the built-in pressure gauge. The most convenient models are with suction power adjustment.
  4. automatic vacuum pump
  5. Water pumps. This is an innovative option that uses water instead of air. The flask ends with a cuff with a pump. The result from the application is better, there are fewer contraindications.
water vacuum pump

Instructions for use

The main advantages of a penis enlargement pump in comparison with other methods:

  • relatively few side effects;
  • lower cost;
  • ease of use;
  • increasing the elasticity of the vessels of the reproductive organs;
  • strengthening of recovery processes in the genital area.

Instructions for the use of vacuum pumps for men necessarily include general recommendations, the observance of which will help to increase the efficiency of use:

  1. Treat the device with an antiseptic after purchase. Before using the vacuum pump, you need to clean it from dust and bacteria. For these purposes, an aqueous solution of Chlorhexidine is suitable;
  2. Be sure to use lubricant when following the instructions for use of the vacuum pump. Priority should be given to water-based lubricants. The oil base can damage and damage the device itself;
  3. After the vacuum pump has been used, it must be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap;
  4. To process the product before following the instructions for the penis enlargement pump, it is recommended to refrain from alcohol components;
  5. In order to improve skin contact when following the instructions for the vacuum penis pump, it is necessary to get rid of the vegetation in the groin area. This will also help save lubricant;
  6. When following the instructions for a vacuum pump for men, you do not need to apply lubricant to the scrotum area - this can facilitate sliding and lead to its being sucked into the bulb.

How to Choose a Vacuum Penis Pump

Many manufacturers or advertisers position the vacuum pump as a means to enlarge the penis. The change occurs due to regular muscle training, cleansing of the cavernous bodies, which interfere with the flow of blood. With a natural erection, the filling of the penis with blood increases up to 7 times, when using a pump, this figure reaches 12. With regular use of the device, you can achieve an increase in the penis by several centimeters.

In fact, not a single month of daily training will be required to obtain the desired result. In most cases, an increase in the size of the penis occurs, but the effect does not last long. Under the influence of the pump, more blood flows into the penis than it was with a natural erection, of course, the penis increases. But once you stop using the device, everything will return to normal.

However, in a situation where the penis was large and then decreased in size due to a weak erection, the pump will be able to return to its former size. Blood flow resumes, muscles are trained, the cavernous bodies are cleansed. With regular use of the device, not only does the penis enlarge, but also improves the quality of sexual life.

The device is chosen based on the size of the penis and the goal. Before purchasing, observe the following rules:

  • the length of the bulb is selected at least 2-3 cm more than the penis during an erection;
  • diameter is at least 1-2 cm larger than your own erect penis;
  • for beginners, a pear-shaped type of pumping air from a working vessel is recommended.
how to choose a vacuum pump

Where to buy and cost

You can buy a device you like that can help in solving a delicate problem:

  • in a specialized store (sex shop);
  • in the online store;
  • in a pharmacy (sold in the public domain, but are rare).

The cost depends on the type of model and varies within different limits. According to reviews, a manual pump will cost the cheapest, but you will have to pay more for a hydraulic pump.

Pumps for men are sold in intimate stores. There is a huge assortment these days. These penis enlargement devices can be divided into electric, which cost more than manual ones, and hydraulic pumps - they will cost even more.

types of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

When buying a device, do not hesitate to ask the seller about the availability of quality certificates. Also, don't forget to buy a cleaning brush. Safety and hygiene are most important.

Contraindications to use

contraindications to the use of vacuum pumps
  • If there is a tendency to bleeding, use the mechanism is prohibited;
  • in no case should you take medications that thin the blood;
  • pain relievers, such as ibuphron, naproxen, aspirin, etc. , should not be taken;
  • prescribe a pump with caution in case of impaired blood circulation, congenital malformations, as well as for disorders that bring on painful erections.

When choosing a pump, be sure to pay attention to the following:

  1. Seal material - it should fit snugly to the skin, ensuring the impermeability of the device.
  2. Cylinder size and quality - the cylinder must be transparent so that you can observe the process and prevent injury.

There are a number of diseases, conditions in which the use of such a device is not recommended. The absolute contraindications include:

  1. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  2. Thrombosis, atherosclerosis;
  3. Varicose veins of the small pelvis;
  4. Diseases of an infectious or inflammatory nature;
  5. Diseases of the genital area (urological);
  6. The presence of tumor formations of various origins;
  7. Childhood or adolescence;
  8. Mental disorders;
  9. Blood clotting disorder.

And also classes are not carried out if they bring discomfort, are accompanied by the appearance of pain. In this case, they will not be beneficial, but only harm human health.

There are no other serious contraindications, the device can be used by men of different ages from 18 to 65 years.

The duration of the action of the vacuum environment is determined by the expansion of the cells. If all the recommendations for the use of the device are observed, an impulse effect is created inside the vessel. With its increase, negative pressure arises, which causes numbness, and the person does not feel pain.

The maximum volume of vacuum should not cause pain, and a single exposure should not exceed 18 seconds. The duration of vacuum manipulations per day should not exceed 45 minutes.

how to use a vacuum pump for penis enlargement