Penis enlargement surgery - what is important to know

Recently, men are increasingly worried about such a male problem as a small penis. They are trying with all their might to solve this trouble. One of the options for solving the problem is penis enlargement surgery. Someone goes to this for their own reasons, for example, a small penis for a big man is a huge tragedy for the ego, and someone goes to please and surprise a beloved girl. Since going to the surgeon's table is not a very pleasant thing, men, before putting their "main" organ under the knife, study the whole procedure, its pros and cons, possible risks, what types of operations are and how much they cost.

penis enlargement surgery

This article will focus on just such questions. In addition, we will tell you how much penis enlargement surgery costs.

Phalloplasty can take place in several ways:

  1. Increase in volume.
  2. Penis lengthening.

Such operations are performed only by highly qualified specialists in clinics. As a rule, only local anesthesia is used. The postoperative scar is several centimeters long. In a high-quality clinic with good service, before surgery, the patient can talk with a urologist, consult with him on any questions that may arise, and this is absolutely free. In addition, the doctor will tell you about all the dangers and consequences that may arise.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

We can say that the price depends on your desires, the structural features of the penis, the presence of diseases associated with the anatomical structure of the genitals.

Carrying out technology

before and after penis enlargement surgery

Currently, there are only two types of operations. In the first case, the surgeon performs the procedure through a vertical incision, and in the second, through a Y-shaped incision.

The second option, according to some experts, is more reliable, since the surgeon has a broader view and can better control the operation process. But other experts believe that this method is a sign of unprofessionalism, and should only be used by beginners in this field. Since the postoperative scars of each type of operation differ from each other in appearance, when looking at the scar, you can immediately tell which method the operating doctor chose.

It is worth noting that the longer the scar, the higher the chance of infection entering the wound and the longer it will take to heal. In addition, such a scar is difficult to miss, there is a possibility that the scar will not be completely covered by hair, which means that it will be possible to notice that an operation was performed.

No need for implants. The essence of the procedure is as follows: the surgeon cuts the muscles located at the top of the penis and performing a supportive role. Then these muscles are sewn a little further. The location of the penis changes, it seems to go down a little lower.

This operation allows you to lengthen the phallus by several centimeters, a maximum of four. In addition, it is worth remembering that with an erection, the position of the penis will also change, it will be a little more horizontal than it was before.

Undercutting the suspensory muscles is a simple procedure, during the operation the patient loses very little blood and it takes about half an hour to forty minutes. On the second day after the operation, the doctor no longer prescribes any pain relievers to the patient. The stitches are removed in two weeks, after two to three months the final result of the surgery will already be visible. During the healing process of the scar, of course, sex is not allowed.

After carrying out almost any operation, it is necessary to wear an extender. We strongly advise against trying to make a penis extender with your own hands.

The cost of penis enlargement surgery is not very high, but it's worth the money. If you are willing to take risks, this is one of the most effective ways.

Is it possible to increase the thickness of the penis?

Surgery to increase the volume is one of the most popular and common types of surgery in this area. Such an operation is a transplant of adipose tissue into the genitals. If the surgeon is an experienced and qualified specialist, then the possibility of serious complications is reduced to a minimum.

injectable penis enlargement

The essence of the procedure is as follows: the doctor removes adipose tissue from the thigh area, cleans it of unnecessary elements and injects it under the skin directly into the genitals. After that, he puts a special bandage on the penis, which acts as a guard against negative consequences. The bandage is removed after about a week. During the procedure, up to two hundred milliliters of tissue can be taken from the thighs and inserted into the penis. At first glance, this may seem like a lot, but it is not. The fact is that half of the adipose tissue will dissolve on its own in the next few days. But it should be said that in the first time after removing the bandage, the appearance of the patient's "friend" can amaze him. An unfamiliar person may even be slightly frightened of his penis, as it may have irregularities, an unpleasant color and other unusual features. But there is nothing to be afraid of - after a while everything will pass, and the member will take on the desired appearance. Note that we decided to collect all the ways to change the width of the penis - how to increase the thickness of the penis. So surgery is not the only option.

The doctor must necessarily explain to the patient that after the operation for six weeks, he in no case should have sexual contact with anyone, that is, it is easier to say no sex. What result the surgeon achieves depends on how professional he is in this area. With a good specialist, the new volume of the penis will delight the patient for a long time, but it happens that the achieved volume remains only six months or a year.