How to use a penis pump. Instructions

The use of a vacuum pump for men is considered one of the most affordable ways to change the size of a man's dignity. The use of this device is covered in a large number of training videos and instructions. These instructions can help you to significantly reduce your risk of penile injury while still achieving the best results. Knowing how to properly use a vacuum pump for the penis, you can quickly eliminate problems with erection and stimulate the process of increasing the size of manhood.

How the pump works

Any man who wants to increase his masculine strength can use a vacuum pump. It helps to increase the blood supply to the genital area, which leads to the following effects:

  • Increasing the fullness of the cavernous bodies- causes an increase in size. It usually gives a short-term effect, which stops when the erection subsides. But with systematic use, you can consolidate the result obtained with minimal risk of side effects. Correction of the shape of the penis is also achieved - its straightening.
  • Strengthening erectionis achieved by increasing blood flow to the penis area. The use of a vacuum pump in men helps to restore a strong erection, which can last for a long time.
  • Improving blood supply, which occurs as a result of the development of artificial blood circulation in the pelvic area. Stimulating blood flow helps to increase the transport of blood through the vessels and avoid circulatory disorders. It is when blood flow in the pelvic region is disturbed that diseases such as hemorrhoids and prostatitis develop.
  • Increased sensitivityachieved due to tissue hyperemia. It helps to make sex more intense and orgasms stronger.

An important point! Be sure to read the instructions for use, which tells you how to use the vacuum pump correctly and safely. If used incorrectly, you can get the opposite effect - the sensitivity of the penis will decrease and it will be extremely difficult to get an orgasm.

The use of a vacuum pump is based on alternating pressure. The device consists of a sealed tube and a device for evacuating air.

There are open and closed tubes.

  • Open tubes lack an erection ring at the base. Such tubes create a vacuum more difficult, require more conditions for normal operation.
  • In closed tubes, use is facilitated by the presence of an erection ring. This ring allows for greater tightness, which makes it easier to create a vacuum. The ring helps to slow down the flow of blood from the penis, which allows you to achieve stronger and longer erections.

When a lower pressure is created inside the tube, blood begins to actively flow into the cavernous bodies of the penis. This leads to the fact that the penis becomes hard and the man has an erection.

To enhance erection, the device can be used before intercourse. This application helps to enlarge the penis and significantly prolong the period of arousal. To do this, you need to use a vacuum pump to increase in the initial stages of arousal. For preventive use, the device is used on a non-erect penis.

Device types

There are several classifications of pumps. One has already been given above - for the presence of an erection ring at the base of the tube. In addition to this classification, vacuum pumps are also divided into types according to the type of control.

By the type of control, the following types of pumps are distinguished:

  • mechanical (manual);
  • electrical;
  • aquatic.

The last type of pump appeared not so long ago, and therefore there is very little information about it. Manufacturers of this type of device claim that they guarantee complete safety in comparison with other methods, since the penis is protected by water from sudden changes in pressure and the associated risks.

penis enlargement water pump

The rest of the types have been used for a long time.

Handheld devices

This type of pump is equipped with a special bulb that pumps air out of the flask through a capillary. This leads to a decrease in pressure inside the penis, which stimulates an increase in blood flow to the penis. The result of the application is a rapid increase in the length and thickness of the penis.

using a pump to enlarge the penis

Using a vacuum penis pump helps to strengthen an erection, but this type of device requires extreme caution as it is very easy to overdo it.

Pumping out a large amount of air leads to the formation of side effects: bruises, bruising, hematomas, decreased sensitivity.

Electrical devices

One of the ways to enlarge the penis with a vacuum pump is the use of electrical devices. They are more gentle than manual ones and are much easier to use. The man independently regulates the level of air pumping, which allows you to get more pronounced effects and avoid side effects.

electric pump for penis enlargement

Such devices are more expensive than manual devices.

Indications for use

Every man needs to know how to use a vacuum pump correctly. This device helps not only in the matter of changing the size of manhood. The use of a vacuum pump after diseases of the organs of the reproductive system helps to increase blood flow and can accelerate the regeneration processes.

An important point! Before looking at the instructions for use of the vacuum pump, it is imperative to consult your doctor. He will tell you how to properly use the pump for penis enlargement and will be able to advise on the duration of use.

The main indications for the use of this device are:

  • weakening of an erection;
  • small size of the penis;
  • insufficiently vivid sensations during sex;
  • a sedentary lifestyle that leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic region.

Contraindications for use

Stimulating blood circulation in the penis area is a serious interference with the natural processes taking place in the male body.

Therefore, it is possible to use a vacuum pump on the penis only if there are no contraindications:

  • pathologies of inflammatory and non-inflammatory genesis that affect the foreskin;
  • inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) in the acute stage;
  • renal failure;
  • liver failure;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • diabetes;
  • hypovitaminosis, leading to an increase in the fragility of blood vessels.

An important point! It is necessary to exactly follow the recommendations from the instructions for use of the vacuum pump for men. Otherwise, there is a high risk of the formation of hematomas and disorders that require subsequent surgical intervention.

Benefits of pumps

The main advantages of these devices in comparison with other methods:

  • relatively few side effects;
  • lower cost;
  • ease of use;
  • increasing the elasticity of the vessels of the reproductive organs;
  • enhancement of recovery processes in the genital area.
penis enlargement with pomp

Instructions for the use of vacuum pumps for men necessarily include general recommendations, the observance of which will help to increase the efficiency of use:

  1. Treat the device with an antiseptic after purchase. Before using the vacuum pump, you need to clean it from dust and bacteria.
  2. Be sure to use lubricant when following the instructions for use of the vacuum pump. Priority should be given to water-based lubricants. The oil base can damage and damage the device itself.
  3. After the vacuum pump has been used, it must be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap.
  4. To handle the product before following the instructions for the penis enlargement pump, it is recommended to refrain from alcohol components.
  5. In order to improve skin contact when following the instructions for the vacuum penis pump, it is necessary to get rid of the vegetation in the groin area. This will also help save lubricant.
  6. When following the instructions for a vacuum pump for men, you do not need to apply lubricant to the scrotum area - this can facilitate sliding and lead to it being sucked into the bulb.

Application Guide

Before starting to clarify how to properly use a vacuum pump to enlarge the penis, it is necessary to distinguish between which device is used - water or ordinary. It is also important to make sure that there are no contraindications so that the use of this device does not have sad consequences.

Before using the device, you need to prepare the organ itself. To do this, it must be kept in warm water for a while - this will help the blood vessels to expand. Subsequently, this measure reduces pain and helps to achieve greater results than without water. In order to increase elasticity, some men use the jelqing technique before using the device.

Using a conventional pump

Knowing how to use a vacuum penis pump can save yourself the risk of injury. Most often, side effects occur in those men who do not adhere to the time schedule or do not know exactly how to use a vacuum pump correctly.

  • If the device has an erection ring, it should be put on as close to the base of the penis as possible. Without it, just press the flask to the base with a vacuum pump.
  • Start evacuating air gradually. Do this very carefully and slowly so as not to damage the organ.
  • When pain occurs, the process of pumping out air must be stopped.
  • For beginners, the duration of the approach should not exceed 2 minutes. More experienced men can apply a vacuum for up to 10 minutes in 1 set.
  • The use of several approaches helps to increase the volume of blood contained in the cavernous bodies.
  • The break between sets varies between 30-240 seconds. During this time, you can stretch your penis.
  • You need to perform up to 5 approaches at a time.

This technique of enlarging the penis using a pump helps to increase blood flow. The pressure in the flask can be gradually increased.

An important point! Before using, it is imperative to watch the video of the use of vacuum pumps - this will allow you to personally check what effect you can get from the application.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the safety rules that are followed during use - this will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Using the hydraulic pump

An easier method is to use a penis enlargement pump using a hydraulic pump.

  • As a preparation, you can immerse yourself in a warm bath for 10-15 minutes. The groin should be completely hidden under water.
  • According to the instructions for enlarging the penis with a pump, you need to put the device on the penis, placing the bulb at the base.
  • Perform several pumping movements to remove air from the flask.
  • Monitor the change in the pressure level in the device - it will gradually increase, and therefore it will be necessary to pump out.

Completion of the procedure

Pulling the penis out of the device must be extremely careful. First you need to restore the pressure. Otherwise, an area with excessively low pressure may form, leading to the formation of a hematoma. After equalizing the pressure level in the flask, it must be carefully removed.

automatic pump for penis enlargement

An important point! If the pump is used before sex, the erection ring should be pulled down over the penis. This will help slow down the blood flow and thus increase the duration of the erection.

Performing the procedure regularly every day as a workout will give a high-quality result after the first use. Over time, you can get the desired effect of increasing the size of the penis without surgery, only using a pump.