Ways to enlarge the penis

The penis is a rather sensitive organ that plays an important role in a man's life. And for many men, it is he who isindicatormale power - if it is small in size, then the question naturally arises of how to increase it.

But before considering this issue, it is worth understanding whether this increase is necessary. For the Caucasian raceaverage, the length of the penis is considered normalin 12-16 cmin an erect state, in thickness3-4 cm.And if the size of the penis fluctuates within these limits, then the problem is more psychological than physiological.

Magnification methods - operational and non-operational

Penis enlargement with an extender

How exactly to enlarge the penis - in this case, doctors distinguish howoperating roomsandnon-operationaltechniques. Amongnon-surgicalthe following techniques can be distinguished:

  1. Jelqing exercise technique. . . An ancient technique that came from the East and India, the African continent. Her set of exercises includesmassagemovements performed according to the principle of milking - to get an effective result it is worth using in the processgreaseand strictlyto followprescribed instructions for performing the exercise. Suffice it to say that every massage movement and Jelqing including,foundedon the principle of stretching the cavernous body, of which the penis itself consists -efficiencyof such procedures, if carried out regularly, gives visible results after 2 months.
  2. Extender- a special device that helps not only to increase the size of the penis, but also helpsto eliminateits abnormal curvature. It works on the principle of stretching - the effectiveness shows itself after one and a half to two months, if you use the device for several hours a day.
  3. Vacuum pump, acting on the principle of creating an empty space around the penis, a vacuum, and this is what allowsstrengthenblood flow, and accordingly size and potency.
  4. Gels and ointments, tablets. . . Many doctors questionefficiencythe use of such drugs, and in this case, in their opinion, the result, if any, will be insignificant. And this very result, albeit insignificant, will depend on the cost - the more expensive the tool, the more noticeable the increase in the size of the penis will be.
  5. Penis tips- the optimal and fastest solution for enlarging the penis in width and length. Among other things, they helpto enlargenot only length and width, quickly and inexpensively, but also improve erection. The main thing to consider in this case is that the material from which they should be made must be soft and elastic, for example latex or silicone.
  6. Another rather radical and dangerous method of enlarging the penis ishangingcargo on it. In this case, there is a mechanical stretching of both the ligaments and the cavernous body of the penis, which ultimately allows it to increase in length. But this method is not capable of increasing its width. Before the procedure, the penis with massagewarm up, then in front of the head they attach a lace with an adhesive plaster and already on it andhangsmall weights. So the duration of the session should not exceed 15-20 minutes, while the head of the penis should not go numb - if this happens, it is worthreduceweight of the sinker.
The result of a member enlargement operation

Operationpenis enlargement - not every man decides to carry out the procedurephalloplasty, nevertheless, it is this method that doctors call the mosteffective, when at one time you can "add" 4 cm. Phalloplasty allowsto enlargeboth the length and the thickness of the penis.

  1. Increase in length- in this case, surgeons release 3-4 cm of the root part of the penis, cutting the ligaments at its base. The operation itself is carried out undergeneral anesthesiaand lasts about an hour and a half, and during the rehabilitation period, for 6-7 months, you will have to wear a special, supporting apparatus in which the penisfixin a certain position.
  2. Penile enlargementwidth- such a procedure can be carried out with the help of injections, when the treated fat of the patient himself or herself is injected under the skintransplantadipose tissue. INfirst case- the procedures will have to be repeated periodically, since fat tends to dissolve and spread, and duringsecond case- adipose tissue transplant is considered more effective, but requires rehabilitation for 3-4 months.

Before resorting to radical measures in the form of penile enlargement surgery, it is worthpreliminarilyweigh the pros and cons, consult with a specialist and only then make a final decision for yourself.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis in one operation

As doctors note, enlarging the penis can be guaranteed with the help ofplastic surgery. . . As noted above, an organ can be enlarged by 3-4 cm, but it is worth remembering that its increase in length and width is carried out separately. Simply put -in one operationyou can enlarge the penis either in length or in width.

If it is necessary to increase it in both indicators, two phalloplasty are performed.

Consequences and complications of surgery

Penis enlargement with jelqing machine

Doctors note that if the surgical intervention for a radical increase in the penis was carried out according to all the rules,riskserious pathologies and complications are minimized. However,operation- this is always a risk and the most common negative consequences and complications that develop after phalloplasty, may be:

  1. Infectionand subsequent suppuration at the injection sites of adipose tissue -sepsiscan provoke the death of the penis and the gradual infection of the whole organism.
  2. The appearance of sealsand scarring at the site of the natural opening of the urethra and its subsequent narrowing - are observedProblemswith urination, decreased sensitivity of the glans penis.
  3. Violationin a man, as a result of surgery, an erection - most often it is enough to observerecommendationand the doctor's prescriptions during the rehabilitation period and the sensitivity of the organ will gradually return.
  4. With an incorrect operation, undercutting the ligaments and tendons with its increase, it can develop over time anddeformationchanging the shape of the penis.
  5. The most unpleasant thing that can happen after surgery and surgical augmentation of the penis isrejectionimplant implanted in it, if it is silicone tissue. But today, doctors most often use the patient's own, specially purified fat, and this allows you to minimize all negative consequences.

Who can I contact to enlarge the penis

Penis enlargement vacuum pump

For the phalloplasty procedure - first of all, it is worthchoose a clinicanddoctor. . . And it should be a urologist or an andrologist, a surgeon - if surgery is required to enlarge the penis.

In a relationshipurologistit is worth saying - this should be a specialist with experience in carrying out such surgical interventions. In each individual case, the doctorpicks upyour treatment regimen, a plan of surgical intervention, if required, and controls the treatment process itself.