Gels and creams for penis enlargement: ointment for penis

The problem of penis enlargement has existed in all times. Even 10 years ago, it can be solved was purely surgical method, which does not guarantee absence of side-effects in the form of a broken erectile function and reduce sensitivity of the penis.

gel to increase penis

Can the cream for penis enlargement to cope with the task?

Traditional medicine took a great step forward, thanks to the advent of modern digital devices and technologies. It allowed the experts in the field of urology and sexology to develop effective and absolutely safe methods of increasing the male sexual organ.

Today, there are more than 100 different drugs, with which it is possible not only to increase the member, but also affect the strength of sexual desire and potency.

As an alternative to plastic

Gel and cream for penis enlargement is one of the easiest alternatives to surgical intervention. Part of the preparations included native complexes represented by the extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals. Most of the active components of the means to increase the penis well tolerated by the body, so can be used by men of virtually any age category.

Special lubricants contribute to the expansion of blood vessels in the body thereby improving blood circulation in the groin area. With the flow of blood into the soft tissue plenty of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which accelerate biochemical reactions.

The normalization of redox processes in the cavernous bodies of the male member to stimulate the formation of new cells. Due to the increase of their number change external parameters of the body, significantly increasing its length and diameter. The increased elasticity of the penis is supported by collagen fibers, the synthesis of which is stimulated by the active components of herbal remedies.

Can I increase the penis size by using external means during the week? Some manufacturers of herbal remedies for intimate care argue that the systematic use of creams and gels can increase the length of penis for 7 days. Immediately it is worth noting that the immediate result of the use of cosmetic products not worth the wait.

According to the reviews of buyers who used a special cream and lubrication, real changes in the parameters of the penis was observed on the 3rd and 4th weeks of regular use of funds. The effectiveness of topical treatments depends on the composition and individual characteristics of the organism. Some men claim that after application of an ointment or gel the length of the body increased by 3-4 cm, others who used the same drug, can't boast the same results.

To be sure to increase penis size, while selecting the right media you need to focus on biochemical composition and to follow the instructions for the use of the drug.

Method of production of drugs

What drugs are best used to increase the sensitivity of the penis and increase its size? Any means, which leads to a lengthening of the penis, called the growth stimulator. Produced specialized intimate products in three forms:

mechanism of action
  • gel – transparent hydrophilic drug on the basis that it does not contain vegetable and animal fats; it is quickly absorbed into the skin and penetrates the deepest tissue of the penis;
  • cream opaque drug viscous consistency, which may enter the oil slowly absorbed into tissue, but contributes to a more intensive hydration of the skin; ointment (liniment) is a thick preparation which may contain fats, alloys of hydrocarbons, essential oils, etc.

It is obvious that increasing the super-gel most quickly absorbed into the skin, so do not leave marks on clothes. But the ointment and cream penis enlargement have less penetrating power. They should be used together with the extender and special vacuum pumps that are designed to stimulate blood circulation in the penis.

Active ingredients

Is it possible to increase penis size with the help of external means? By analogy with chemist's preparations, intimate gels and creams contain active ingredients that affect cell metabolism, the rate of cell renewal and the formation of new anatomical structures. As a rule, cream for penis enlargement include a specific set of special components that affect the rate of physiological processes and growth of muscle tissue.

The approximate composition of the cream to increase the length and sensitivity of the penis looks like this:

  • grape extract;
  • extracts of milk Thistle;
  • oil of goldenrod;
  • juice lichen;
  • allantoin;
  • enzymes;
  • extract of Epimedium;
  • Peruvian Maca.

The above organic oils and extracts have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system and external genitalia. Not so long ago for the production of intimate media used special components, in particular capsaicin. This active substance is an alkaloid, hence the regular use of the cream often lead to irritation and drying of the skin and mucosa of the special channel.

types of gels

It is undesirable to use a homemade preparation to increase sensitivity of a member directly before intercourse, as it can adversely affect the microflora of the mucous membranes of the genitals.

Some men to enhance sensitivity of the penis head and strengthen erections use improvised means. Be aware that your homemade cream is equally as effective as those offered by pharmaceutical companies. The so-called folk remedies, made by hand, often cause allergic reactions and provoke the development of skin diseases – eczema, dermatitis, etc.

Mechanism of action

Does gel for penis enlargement to improve the quality of the ejaculate (semen)? Some types of intimate means additionally contain substances which take part in protein synthesis necessary for the formation of male germ cells.

How to make the member more without surgery?

To get rid of complexes and to really achieve the desired therapeutic results, use only certified enlargement cream male penis. Drugs that have quality certificates, clinically tested, which has been proved their efficacy and safety.

67% of men who used quality products, was able to increase the volume and length of the penis by 20-25%.

How the gel or ointment increases the size of the penis? The penis can grow solely due to an increase in the structural elements of the tissues. Components that contain ointments for penis enlargement, affect physiological processes in the body. In particular, amino acids, proteins and trace minerals speed up metabolism and proliferation (proliferation) of cells in the cavernous bodies and muscle fibers. To change the settings of the penis, growth factors need to be applied daily for 2-4 weeks.


Help intimate means to prolong sexual intercourse and what gel for increase of a member it is best to buy? Some manufacturers of intimate products produce drugs that have a special effect. They contain substances, which affect the strength of sexual desire and erection. To use the cream just before intercourse to prolong it for 30-60 minutes.

What are the types of drugs for the correction of the dimensions of the penis? To determine the best preparation in the course of personal use. Some tools are designed to maximize the volume of the body, the second sensitivity of the glans penis and some sperm motility.

Gel to increase penis can contain a set of components which will affect the intensity of growth of muscular tissues, and duration of the effect. In this regard, there are several types of drugs:

  • ointment to increase the penis for a longer period – the preparation is intended for regular use for at least 3-4 weeks; used for lengthening the penis for the period of 6 months to several years;
  • ointment penis enlargement for a little period of time – the drug contains substances which give the development of muscle tissue; it works quickly but the effect lasts only for a few months;
  • auxiliary cream-gel for penis enlargement – intimate tool is used in combination with drugs with systemic action, i.e., pills or tablets; using a cream can significantly accelerate the process of increasing the size of the body.

Many consumers instructions for use of drugs are simply ignored, which later becomes the cause of disappointment in the results of treatment. To really achieve the desired effect, you need to act according to the recommendations in the instructions. If the manufacturer claims that the tool will help to increase the length of your penis and enhance sexual potency only with regular use, and you use it when you have to hope for a positive trend in the increase in penis size is not worth it.


Itching, candidiasis, urticaria and dry skin – the possible adverse reactions of the use of intimate products. Even if you have purchased the best and safe gel for intimate care, before applying it consult a doctor. It should be understood that any effective drug for penis enlargement contains active substances, an overdose of which can cause adverse reactions.