Penis enlargement products

The desire to somewhat increase their manhood is inherent in many men, even those of quite normal size. What are the most effective means for penis enlargement, what to try to resort to in order to achieve a real increase in the length and volume of the male penis and reduce the psychological discomfort associated with self-doubt or failures on the love front? Will folk recipes, various medications, well-known manual exercises and nozzles help in this sensitive issue, or is it better to go to the surgeon right away.

Herbal Medicine Possibilities

The centuries-old study of the properties of medicinal plants has significantly increased the chances of humanity for survival, and even modern official medicine often uses this knowledge to create new medicines. Among the many old recipes, you can also find means for penis enlargement, because with the help of various tinctures and extracts of herbs, you can improve blood circulation and increase blood flow to the penis.

The best folk methods harness the healing power of plants such as ginseng, hawthorn, thyme, ginkgo biloba and many others. Moreover, each plant has a different effect on the intimate sphere of a man. For example, thyme is indispensable for premature ejaculation, the use of ginkgo allows you to ensure an erection by increasing blood flow, and ginseng not only has a beneficial effect on blood flow in the genital area, but also normalizes the functioning of the gonads.

folk remedies for penis enlargement

Despite the lack of research and the lack of scientifically proven results, taking various tinctures remains a popular way to solve the problem, since it does not require serious financial investments and can be performed at home. And even if the size of the phallus does not really change, this method can have a positive effect on the duration of intercourse, which is already good.

In addition to medicinal herbs, various food products can improve a man's sex life, in particular, honey, red grapes, tuna, garlic, avocado, etc. Supplementing your daily diet with these products, you can notice an increase in sexual desire and the onset of a stable erection.

Do these methods affect any noticeable increase in the size of the male organ? According to many experts, the daily use of medicinal herbs and plants included in tinctures or massage gels can really significantly enhance an erection. However, in the presence of serious violations of sexual function or with a really small length of the erect genital organ (less than 8 cm), such measures may not be enough. To achieve a real result, it is still worth combining them with other therapeutic methods.

Do not forget that the availability and ease of use of herbal infusions and extracts does not mean that they are harmless and safe for health. Herbal remedies for penis enlargement are able to affect blood pressure, change the acid-base balance of the body, and have a stimulating and tonic effect on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, uncontrolled intake of herbal infusions, teas, decoctions can cause serious complications, especially if there are any contraindications.

Among the main benefits of herbal medicine are:

  • cleansing the circulatory system;
  • normalization of the cardiovascular system;
  • increased erection;
  • use of natural products without chemical additives;
  • minor financial expenses.

But this method has many disadvantages:

  • due to increased blood flow, the penis may only appear slightly larger during erection;
  • possible complications associated with individual intolerance to plant components;
  • there is no real increase in the size of the penis.

Drug augmentation: pros and cons

You can buy penis enlargement in many online stores - they will offer a wide range of drugs. Not all of them will help to change the "dimensions" of the genital organ, but thanks to them you can get an increase in sexual desire, an increase in the duration of intercourse and an increase in erection.

Many certified medications are formulated with herbal ingredients that stimulate blood flow to the corpus cavernosum of the penis, making it appear slightly larger when erect. The complex effect of the herbal preparation is as follows: nutrients entering the circulatory system help restore natural chemical processes at the cellular level and ensure the normal functioning of the male reproductive system.

In addition to drugs for oral use, modern medicine can offer a large selection of gels and ointments that also affect the male genital organ. Treatment, which includes the use of gels, allows you to quickly achieve the desired effect (not a proven fact, source - customer reviews), since the active substances are directly absorbed into the blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation.

When using this or that penis enlargement tool, do not forget to get a qualified consultation. Only a doctor will select the capsules or tablets that are most effective for a particular situation. It should be noted that some drugs may be contraindicated for people who have liver disease, suffer from high blood pressure or are prone to allergic reactions, therefore, the help of a specialist in choosing a medicine is highly desirable for them.

Positive factors from taking medication:

  • erectile ability improves;
  • increases stamina and increases the duration of sexual contact;
  • the likelihood of premature ejaculation is reduced.

Negative factors:

  • long course of treatment;
  • dubious effectiveness of many drugs;
  • the possibility of individual intolerance or allergic reactions to the components of the drug;
  • presence of contraindications.

Manual procedures

Another means for penis growth, the effectiveness of which is often discussed on thematic forums, is manual procedures. This method involves the use of not only a special system of exercises (the so-called jelqing), but also various devices. Such non-drug methods are very popular, since they do not require large financial investments and can be used at home without first consulting a doctor.

Jelqing is a complex of simple exercises, thanks to which you can quickly change the parameters of the penis both in length and in width - at least, its adherents say so. How true is this statement? In fact, regular exercise really gives noticeable results, but not at all after one or two weeks, but at least after six months, and even then not always. However, jelqing can lead to unexpectedly pleasant results, for example, to an increase in self-confidence, to a change in attitude towards one's own body, which in turn will affect the quality and duration of the sexual act.

The only condition for performing the exercises is accuracy and respect for your manhood - all movements must be performed smoothly, without undue pressure and without feeling a feeling of discomfort. Compression and relaxation of the penis, its stretching and other massage movements are performed using creams and gels, which gives more benefits from the exercise.

Attachments - gain in length and amplify emotions

Sometimes you can resort to little tricks - use silicone or latex tips, which can add another 3-10 cm to the length of the penis. Such tips can be closed or open, but, regardless of their shape, they are soft and elastic, which excludesthe possibility of injury. In addition, they reduce the sensitivity of the penis, which contributes to the prolongation of sexual contact. The use of attachments is justified not only in the case of insufficient length of the penis, but also for obtaining brighter sensations during sex.

Surgery: when you can't do without a scalpel

There are times when only surgery can help resolve this intimate issue. Congenital pathologies and injuries, dissatisfaction with the length of the penis, individual characteristics of the body or psychological problems - whatever the claims of men to their main organ, the operation can help make the penis bigger.

The operation is a really reliable means to enlarge the penis, because the male organ, on average, can grow by 1. 5–2 cm, and if you regularly use the extender in the future, you can achieve an additional increase by another 2–4 cm. penis lengthening surgery will restore self-confidence and improve the quality of sexual intercourse. It is worth, however, this pleasure is not cheap.

Extender - the choice of serious men and medicine

The most effective ways to enlarge the male genital organ include using an extender, which is able to adjust the shape and size of the penis. The extender is a kind of simulator; it can completely replace manual exercises. Instead of training in the jelqing system, you can use an extender, the principle of which is in many ways similar to the well-known Ilizarov apparatus. By stretching the penis, the device induces increased cell division in that area without damaging the blood vessels.

Doctors recommend wearing the extender in the following situations:

  • when the size of the penis is too small for a full sexual intercourse;
  • if necessary to straighten the organ;
  • with a decrease in the size of the penis in adulthood, which is associated with hormonal changes;
  • during the rehabilitation period after ligamentotomy and prostate removal - in order to prevent irreversible decreases in the length of the penis.

As a result of wearing the extender, the following improvements will occur:

  • lengthening and thickening of the girth;
  • return to its original shape with curvature of the penis;
  • increase in the duration of love games - sexual stamina.

Contraindications include the following factors:

  • oncological diseases;
  • inflammation of the genitourinary system;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • under 18 years old.

The combination of several factors of the extender's action (cell division, a gradual increase in load, and so on) leads to excellent results - the penis will begin to increase, and within 1-3 months the positive effect will be noticeable for both you and your partner. A stable result is usually recorded after 6-8 months of training, and already forever.

Which penis enlargement tool to stop using

Having decided to change the size of your manhood, and this will undoubtedly happen when choosing an effective means for increasing, wait for a quick result - engage in self-deception. Men spend months, like in the case of an extender, and even years, if they jelq, to ​​get tangible gains. Folk remedies or medicines increase the penis visually more than in reality. The operation is very expensive, the increase is barely noticeable, the surgeon is usually contacted in case of very strong motivation. A good extender also costs money, plus consumables for the training period. Choosing a means for penis enlargement, it is most correct to weigh all the possibilities in advance in order to reach the goal for sure.