How to increase the member - methods

The question of how to increase the member himself, is one of the most frequently asked online. According to the statistical data, not every modern man is satisfied with the size of his dignity. To get rid of complexes and to be able to deliver partner even more pleasure, men are beginning to use a variety of techniques that provide the opportunity to increase the member himself at home.

how to increase the member

Is it possible to increase manhood myself?

Did you know that according to statistics, 87% of men want to increase their sexual organ, while 90% of women told their partners that they need deeper penetration? As a result of this trend, men have to do, dreaming about a big penis or by applying active steps for increasing it. If the earlier claim that exist the most effective way to increase a member, was perceived as science fiction, in our days it has become really possible. On the question of whether to increase the member himself, affirmatively claim the millions of men who have tested different practices on their own experience and received a positive result.

If you are wondering how to make dick bigger at home, you can take advantage of their recommendations. See if you can actually increase your member independently, from our article on.

Massage as the most effective way to increase dignity

The easiest way to increase your penis, according to doctors and users is a special massage. You can apply it yourself at home, and without harm to the reproductive functions. Moreover, in the implementation process, you can deliver extra pleasure, so that in any case, carrying out special exercises that will help to increase sexual organ, you will not regret it. The main advantages of massage:

1. Security for the male body – in the absence of sharp movements, it is unlikely that you will injure yourself;2. The absence of contraindications to the use you can make the following manipulation even if you have diseases associated with the cardiovascular system or you have undergone surgery;3. The lack of necessary financial expenditure is massage do not have to buy special drugs, and the means for its implementation can be found in each building;4. The undoubted effectiveness of the method in accordance with the opinion of the majority of men who tried this way to increase dignity for yourself, it really helps to achieve the desired result.

Millions of men in the survey admitted massage the most effective way to increase the penis. It stimulates blood flow to the penis, which greatly accelerates the growth of its connective tissue. And special exercises to increase the penis, not in any way affect a man's ability to bear children, and even on the contrary – contribute to strengthening men's health.

How to massage to increase manhood?

To implement the presented manipulation you can at home at any time convenient for you. No matter when you start doing the exercises – they are effective before sleep, and before going to work. If you do not live for yourself, put them in the bathroom, secretly.

Presented massage is divided into two stages:

1. Preparation (consists of preparing improvised).2. Directly the massage.Before my dick bigger the easy way with the help of massage, you'll need to prepare the following tools:1. A small segment of soft tissue;2. Warm water from the tap;3. Soft towel (that you use).

penis enlargement

The quality of fabric you can use a piece of cotton, satin or silk. Try to use only natural materials that will feel nice on the skin and does not cause allergies. Also, make sure the rag was clean, otherwise you can provoke irritation.

Further, to implement a very simple way to increase the member, soak the prepared cloth in warm water and squeeze it well. Then apply a warm cloth on penis. Heat prostimulirujte the blood flow to the manhood and make the massage more effective. When you feel that the matter is cool, again soak it in warm water. Produce this procedure a few times, then wipe dry with a sexual organ, then proceed to the massage.

Before you start penis enlargement simple exercises, take a comfortable position sitting or standing. Then, firmly clasp your fingers head, gradually starting to pull to the side. Try not to cause yourself pain when you feel discomfort, stop the massage for five minutes, keeping the penis in a state of tension. After this time, release the head and massage your genitals smooth movements, again stimulating blood flow to it. Next, repeat the initial manipulation of this simple way to increase the penis, alternately changing the direction of tension of the penis.

After several approaches to the implementation of this exercise, fully grasp the advantage with his hand, pulling it forward and hold it for a minute. Then, squeeze your cock 10 times. These manipulations are a simple home remedy how to increase your member independently, but they would need to be very careful, avoiding sudden movements. They are able to damage the nerve and cause a lot of inconvenience. That method was really effective, to perform all required fluid motions and follow the instructions. The visible result will be achieved after only 2.5 months.

Method of visualization is another effective method of penis enlargement

Today there are other quick ways to penis enlargement at home. For example, in addition to exercises for fast penis enlargement, you can use the method of visualization. No wonder, after all, experts say that our thoughts are material. Presenting himself as the owner of a large penis before going to sleep, your dignity can actually increase in size by itself. Thoughts provoke the production of a special hormone that is responsible for the growth of the male organ, causing it to become more even without any manipulation, and special funds.

Acupressure for penis enhancement

Another fastest method of penis enlargement – point impact on the sexual organ. It is actively used in Asia and noted a greater efficiency. It is no secret that every part of the human body is associated with a specific point on the feet, hands and even ears.

According to doctors, even for a member of the nature designated point, which allows it to increase for a short period of time. Find it difficult because for each person it is individual, but you can massage different points of body to get the real recovery rapid increase of male power the penis, well, or at least cure yourself of a pair of three health problems. In any case, you will not regret it.

The increase in a member of the "old" methods

methods of penis enlargement

In the end, you can use traditional ways to increase penis. For these methods use special herbal teas, which are made official by pharmaceutical companies on the basis of special herbs designed to cope with a variety of men's problems and to stimulate the genitals. You can also prepare such teas or infusions, learning their composition.

To ensure that your member became more, you can brew the following herbs:

  • Ginseng;
  • Hawthorn.

These herbs are characterized by great efficiency and will certainly help for the purpose to which you aspire. But, before you increase the member-fashioned way with the use of plants, it is recommended to consult a specialist to determine their individual effect for you, as well as to make sure that they will not cause allergic reactions or other negative consequences associated with the personal intolerance of any component.

Hardware methods of increase of a member

If you don't trust the massage, plastics and herbs, you can use another effective way to increase a member. For example, for this purpose you can use a special device. It is a device which causes stretching of the penis, resulting in the growth of connective tissue, and it begins to grow. This device is worn continuously for 4-5 hours a day or intermittent wear twice a day for 2 hours. Every 20 minutes extender wear it is necessary to increase the tension of the penis of about half an inch. As a result of regular use of the presented device, you can achieve visible results after only 3 months. But note that:

1. To use the extender cannot be more than six months;2. Its application may cause great discomfort;3. To use the device impossible, if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, thrombophlebitis, nervousness, or recently underwent a surgical operation on the penis;4. Also unacceptable use of the device in the presence of injuries on the penis.

In other cases, to use the extender can be careful during its operation. Remember that effective he will be when you will smoothly distribute the load and will not make any sudden movements that might injure your genitals.

Similar properties have and other devices for penis enhancement men: the vacuum pump or pump is also perfectly cope with their tasks. To purchase these devices it is easy at an affordable cost in special stores. Use them in the same way as the extender, and enjoy fast results.

Gels to increase the dignity

If you're wondering how else you can increase the member, you can use special gels. Additionally it is considered to be a remedy and an excellent prevention against male problems such as:

1. Sexual dysfunction;2. Infertility;3. Impotence.

It can even be used right before a sexual body to bring a woman pleasure. To do this, just spread your penis approximately 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Another advantage of Gel is that in search of how to increase the member of the simple way, you can use it together with other tools (massage, extenders, herbs, mental influence, etc.). For example, many men prefer to use it under special nozzles for penis enlargement. Thus it turns out to combine business with pleasure – to please a partner new sensations in sex, and also effectively increase the sexual organ, is also getting additional pleasure.

Therefore, the question is, is there a way to increase the member, we will reply in the affirmative. Today there are many different methods of stimulating growth of the penis, which are effective at any age. But keep in mind that after 30 years it may take much longer than 20, the result in either case would be permanent.

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You can choose your own how to enlarge your penis and enjoy the resulting effect, but remember that in any case the consultation of a specialist can not hurt. Therefore, before you produce the above manipulation, it is better to consult a doctor to choose the most effective method to protect themselves from possible negative consequences arising from errors that can make every beginner to increase their own penis.