Is it possible to enlarge the penis with masturbation

how to enlarge the penis with masturbation

In an effort to find the best way to enlarge manhood, every young man turns to the thought: "Is it possible and how to enlarge a member with the help of masturbation? "

Since it is recognized that 98% of the male population is engaged in masturbation, but a quarter of men are satisfied with their size, the question is brewing what contributes to the increase. Is there a special technique?

Method efficiency

There are many myths and theories about the effect of masturbation on penis size. Some of the respondents claim that they have observed an undoubted increase in dignity from independent caresses. Others, on the contrary, complain of stagnation in the increase in the size of the penis with any impact other than natural intercourse. Still others did not notice any difference from the manipulation.

However, statistics and observations tend to favor the lack of response. Since with a constant increase from masturbation, not a single man would remain dissatisfied with his penis. In addition to dissatisfaction with an unnecessarily huge dignity.

Also during adolescence, masturbation is considered very effective, helps relieve stress and affect penis enlargement at home. Puberty, accompanied by a regular influence of self-satisfaction, promotes elongation of the penis, improves blood flow, eliminates many possible diseases associated with semen stagnation.

Important!The absence of diseases and pathologies of the genital organs is the main guarantee of proper development and achievement of optimal sizes.

In adulthood, the effectiveness of masturbation depends entirely on the massage technique.

Jelqing is a popular exercise for the penis. It is believed that this particular method is the most effective and simple. However, the results are small and often short-lived. Of the advantages, one can note the pleasure experienced during the procedure.

Benefits of Masturbation

No matter how many scientists argue, they did not introduce masturbation either into the category of sin or the most dangerous disease leading to madness. People masturbated and do not intend to stop from unproven theories and reproaches from a small number of "specialists".

Most note a number of undeniable benefits of self-satisfaction:

  1. Beneficial effect on the psyche. Ejaculation stimulates the growth of the hormone of happiness and helps stabilize the nervous system. However, it is worth noting that classical intercourse has more benefits in terms of affecting the emotional state.
  2. Prevention of the development of prostatitis and other diseases of the reproductive system.
  3. Memory also improves, the work of the heart muscle stabilizes, stress and depression recede.
  4. Masturbation increases the production of antibodies in a man's body by 40%, which helps to strengthen the immune system and helps to avoid the development of infectious diseases.

Male abstinence leads to urological problems. Therefore, during the absence of traditional intercourse for a long time (business trips, absence of a partner), it is recommended to resort to sexual masturbation, which will also help to enlarge the penis.

Preparing for the procedure

masturbation technique for penis enlargement

To maximize the benefits and pleasure of masturbation for penis enlargement, it is recommended to follow several important rules:

  • The first step is to find a quiet and comfortable place, where the risk of someone interfering is completely eliminated. The stress associated with finding yourself masturbating can lead to serious mental trauma, which can lead to impotence. To a greater extent, this applies to young people.
  • Hygiene needs to be taken care of. It is recommended to take a shower and thoroughly rinse your penis and hands, both before and after the procedure. The best option is still considered to be using a condom.
  • Fantasy and lubrication will become indispensable helpers for the most natural pleasure.
  • For better penis erection, you should put on porn, or devote time to erotic magazines, put on exciting music.

It is important to consider the time it takes to enlarge the penis with masturbation. It is better to indulge in self-satisfaction in the evening, when even the atmosphere itself is conducive to intimacy. And the procedure should last from 20 to 40 minutes a day, regardless of the ejaculation.

Optional!Having also learned how to masturbate correctly to enlarge your penis, you can teach your partner the techniques and enjoy the caresses of your beloved hands.

Masturbation Techniques

There are only four elementary masturbation techniques:

  1. Fist.To do this, grasp the penis with all your fingers, pointing your knuckles away from you, and make forward movements.
  2. With the palm of your hand.Everything is the same only the knuckles are facing you and the thumb is pointing down.
  3. Okay.The trunk should be grasped with only a couple of fingers, forming a ring. It can be a middle paired with a large, or an index in conjunction with it.
  4. 3-4 finger grip.The thumb should be directed towards you, and 2-3 fingers away from you. It is important not to close your fingers in a ring.

To enlarge the penis by masturbation, it is recommended to resort to the jelqing technique. The essence of the method consists in performing the classic up and down movements, but with a certain pressure, allowing, as it were, to stretch the barrel. Also, for more stimulation, you can use twisting, shaking the head, slapping the penis on objects.

At this time, you can caress the scrotum and testicles with your free hand, stimulate the perineum and anus, and pull the nipples. The simultaneous penetration into the anus will give incredible pleasure and organize a light prostate massage. For the method to be effective, it is also recommended to resort to using simple vibrators and pumps.

Contraindications and precautions

When answering the question of how to enlarge the penis by masturbation, a number of reasons should be noted that limit the use of this method or the growth of the penis in general.

The main deviations are:

  • sexually transmitted diseases and other sexually transmitted diseases;
  • development of inflammation of the genitourinary system;
  • endocrinological diseases;
  • deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • normal or enlarged penis.

Important!Masturbation can enlarge the penis, but you cannot neglect your own feelings. If there is a partial or complete loss of sensation in the penis, it is recommended to immediately interrupt the procedure. And so that this does not happen again, it is better to use a good lubricant.

There are many different methods of penis enlargement. Some are effective, some are not, but correct masturbation is rightfully considered the best procedure for changing the size of the penis at home. Efficiency depends solely on individual characteristics and faith in the operation of the technique.