How to enlarge your penis with exercise

how to enlarge the penis

When nature has not "rewarded" a large penis, various methods are used to enlarge it. You can resort to using creams and ointments, or you can give preference to training. Naturally, this method of influence will not help to make the microscopic size of the phallus gigantic, but a decent result can be achieved if classes are regularly carried out.

Preparing for training

Penis enlargement exercises begin with preliminary "warming" procedures. They allow:

  • improve blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • to normalize the pressure inside the male organ;
  • reduce the likelihood of traumatic injury;
  • achieve the result.

Any activity, even those aimed at increasing the penis, requires prior preparation. To prevent muscle pain, it is recommended to "warm up" them before training. This happens with the help of heat.

What you can do:

  1. Take a warm shower or bath.
  2. Give a massage.

There are various techniques for conducting the exercises, but they all require prior preparation. Since in her absence there is a great risk of facing certain complications: hematomas and abrasions on the surface of the male organ.

Benefits of water treatments

benefits of water treatments

It is recommended to keep the penis in warm water for some time before the procedure. The water should not be too hot. A comfortable temperature is selected individually. But, it is desirable that it does not exceed 43 degrees.

An effective warm-up method, flow chart:

  • the man needs to fill the bathroom;
  • dive into it up to the waist;
  • you can replace the bathroom with a warm shower with a comfortable temperature.

After taking water procedures, they begin directly to the exercises, but before starting to exercise, it is recommended to wipe the penis dry with a towel and apply lubricant (lubricant) to its surface.

Thermal massage

Penis enlargement can be started with heat massage. This method of exposure is simple, but for its successful implementation you will need: hot water and a terry towel.

Activity Pattern:

  1. The man needs to roll up the towel.
  2. Soak it in hot water.
  3. Wrap the phallus in a towel.
  4. Start rubbing it.
thermal massage for the penis

Rubbing is recommended for at least 5 minutes, then stop, then repeat it 2-3 more times, without increasing the exposure time. The penis is not completely wrapped, the head remains open, it is not wiped off, as this can lead to unpleasant sensations.

A masculine massage should not cause pain or discomfort, movements are light, smooth, but the force of impact is moderate.

Warming up prior to male dignity exercises is easy at home. Such procedures will help enhance the effectiveness of classes, as well as reduce the risk of developing unwanted side effects.

Training scheme

Exercises for increasing the thickness of the penis and its length are different, there are several techniques for their implementation.

Most often men prefer:

  • stretch;
  • stretching in a circle;
  • seated stretch;
  • V stretch;
  • bell;
  • jelku (milking);
  • kegel exercise;
  • penis flexion;
  • clamping;
  • penis massage.

It is difficult to say which exercises will lead to the growth of the penis, combined workouts are most effective. All classes are easy to do at home, but, according to men, you should not wait for an increase of 10 cm or more.

Classes will have an impact on size, but the result will directly depend on several factors: natural data, age and health.


The inverter needs to be in a quiet state. They grasp him with a palm, tightly, below the head. Then they pull forward, away from themselves (duration 5 seconds). After the member is returned to its original position. After 2 seconds, repeat the procedure, only pull not forward, but to the right, again for 5 seconds, then repeat the process, now pull to the left. The procedure should not cause pain or discomfort.

Stretch in a circle

Another exercise that can be incorporated into a home workout routine. To stretch the cartilaginous processes it is recommended:

stretch in a circle
  1. Grab the head of the phallus.
  2. Pull it forward and slightly upward.
  3. After 5 seconds, turn counterclockwise without reducing tension.
  4. Repeat at least 25 times.
  5. A full circle should be done only 5 seconds after the start of the session.

In this way, you can make the organ longer, this happens just by stretching the cartilage tissue.

Seated Stretch

It is used when it is necessary to increase the member in thickness and length. Thickening is achieved by increasing pressure within the corpora cavernosa.

For the exercise you need:

  • achieve a light erection (not fully aroused, but by about 40%);
  • sit on a chair, but first place the penis between the buttocks;
  • that is, "wrap" it, putting pressure on the organ with its own weight.

The procedure lasts a few minutes (up to 5), it is recommended to gradually increase its duration in order to achieve the best results.

V stretch

The shaft of the penis is wrapped in a tight ring of fingers in the glans. It is pulled forward for 5-7 seconds. In parallel, the thumb is applied to the base of the organ, then the finger moves and smoothly runs along the entire trunk, to the head.

The grip should be tight, but the man should not feel severe pain, as this can lead to the appearance of blood, rupture of the capillary network.


cock bell exercise

It is quite easy to increase the size of the inverter with this exercise:

  1. We achieve a state of full erection.
  2. We spread our legs wide and tighten the muscles of the perineum.
  3. We make movements that resemble the movements of a bell (vertical and horizontal, in turn).

The duration of the procedure is 1-2 minutes, gradually it can be done more, but provided that the man does not experience pain or discomfort.


Jelqing (milking) or stretching the penis is familiar to men all over the world.

The execution technique is as follows:

  • fingers are tightly squeezed into a ring;
  • begin to move them towards the head, without releasing tension;
  • The duration of jelqing is 5-7 minutes.

A break can be made if a man feels the approach of ejaculation, this is quite possible, since all manipulations are carried out at 100% erection.

Kegel Exercise

Run for 5 minutes. When carrying out it is necessary to strain the muscles of the perineum, as much as possible. Fix the state, then relax them and repeat the procedure again (duration 5-7 minutes).

To understand which muscles they are, go to the bathroom and start urinating. During this process, delay the jet and you will immediately understand which muscles are in question.

Penis Flexion


Carry out in the following way:

  1. Achieve excitement, but not completely, but only 50%.
  2. Start flexing.

The penis can be grasped and bent in different directions, whatever you like. But a man should not feel unpleasant sensations or pain at the time of doing the exercises. If you're worried about pain, then you should stop.


To carry out the exercise, you need to purchase a special simulator that will compress the penis near the base.

In the process of carrying out, the state of erection is achieved, after which the penis is squeezed by the simulator. The procedure is simple, it will take just a few minutes a day. If desired, you can include it in the training complex.


This is a kind of forceful gymnastics. It is done in the following way:

  • it is necessary to bring the inverter into an erect state;
  • then perform movements resembling masturbation;
  • before the "peak of arousal" is reached, squeeze the penis in the head area with a tight ring of fingers;
  • compression should not be too strong, otherwise bruises will appear on the skin surface;
  • fix the position and save it for several minutes (up to 5–7).

This will help maintain maximum pressure inside the organ, which will lead to stretching of the cavernous bodies, filling them with blood.

Exercise additions

What else can be included in the training package:

  1. Normal squats.
  2. Exercise bike.
  3. Hiking or jogging.

These exercises will help improve blood flow to the pelvic organs, they are performed in order to stabilize potency, get rid of erectile disorders.

Efficient completion

finishing technique

How to enlarge your penis with exercise? To do this, it is necessary not only to start the workout correctly, but also to correctly complete it, which will require:

  • you can get a massage;
  • put on the extender;
  • take a shower or bath.

After the end of the session, it is necessary to gradually reduce the outflow of blood, often the representatives of the stronger sex resort to the help of an extender or finish the workout, smoothly transferring it to massage.

You can also diversify your activities with the help of contrasting rubbing. This will require:

  1. Take 2 towels.
  2. Soak one in warm water.
  3. Another in the cold.
  4. Rub the PCs with towels (keeping their original temperature).

Such procedures are carried out for 10 minutes. If you wish, you can use an extender, but it all depends on your personal wishes.

What will help you achieve the best result:

  • quitting bad habits;
  • proper nutrition;
  • active lifestyle;
  • normalization of sexual activity;
  • consultation with a urologist or andrologist.

Penis enlargement using exercises is a complex and lengthy process that will require patience and endurance. In order to achieve maximum results, it is recommended to resort to combination therapy, not only to exercise, but also to monitor nutrition and lifestyle.