Can you really increase penis: ways

Perhaps not on Earth men were men who did not think about the size of his dignity. If I pull up to a medium size, and it is possible to increase it, etc. All these questions asked by almost every man. And in this article we will answer these and other questions.

how to increase the member

Size esteem plays a huge role for men, size is important not so much for sex as for personal ego and confidence, I'm telling you this as someone who was able to increase his hollow member!

The average size of a penis

It should immediately be noted that the average size is slightly different from race and region of residence, contrary to popular belief. Yes, blacks have the same average size as white men.

So, the average size of the penis in erection:

  • Length — 15 cm ± 1 cm.
  • Circumference — 12 cm ± 1 cm.

It is also worth to say that this is very conditional, and not worth so much to focus on them. So according to various studies, average sizes vary greatly.

Up to what age the sexual member grows?

Cock grows from birth and until the completion of puberty. The most rapid growth occurs with the onset of puberty. For this reason, it is impossible to designate a clear framework to 17, to 18, to 23 years. So, the boys who begin to Mature earlier, growth of a member stops early. Also the opposite is true, if puberty starts later, then the penis will grow longer.

It is highly recommended not to engage in penis enlargement to those of the growth member is not stopped. It is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

And yet, does size matter?

Need to be honest with you, and it should be recognized that the size value has. Larger more functional in bed, and flatters the vanity of its owner. However, the importance of size is greatly exaggerated in our time, and it is connected primarily with the development of the porn industry. People are used to seeing huge cocks in porn, and began to forget how to look like the bodies of normal size.

But we shall return to this in future articles. And now to the main issue of our article.

Penile enlargement, Myth or Reality?

The answer is YES! Increase penis really. But it should be noted that this requires a serious approach to business. You need to thoroughly understand the aspects increase. And begin to roll up their sleeves. The penis enlargement is hard work, you'll need a lot of effort, perseverance and hard work. But most importantly, you must have patience! For increase of a member, like the marathon, not the sprint.

You have made the decision to increase the member, at any cost? So, if you are willing, I will continue.

PS You ask: And is it safe? In this respect there is a good saying — "a fool can the penis break". With skillful approach and gradual increase of load, increase of a member — it is quite safe!

Methods of increasing penile

I'm sure many of you have heard about the different kinds of cream and pills to increase the penis. I guess you won't be surprised if I say that this is a hoax, fiction, etc. Although cream and can serve as a complementary method of increasing, but more about that in future articles.

There are actually 2 methods of penis enlargement:

  1. Surgery.
  2. Independent increase.

A few words about the operating method. I have to say, we reject this method, for weighty reasons, such as:

  • High risk of failed surgery.
  • The slight increase in size.
  • This requires large financial costs.

Now, let's move to the second embodiment of the penis enlargement. Independent penis enlargement. He, in turn, is divided into 2 sections:

  1. Manual method.
  2. Method with the use of devices.
enlargement cream

Both of these methods give good results with the proper approach. In this article I will not consider in detail these methods, it is the goal of future articles.

As there is an increase and at what expense?

To understand how the process of penis enlargement, you must understand how a member. However, I'm not going bit by bit to study the structure and anatomical features of the penis, not at all. All we need to know will show the picture below:

The picture shows the barrel member in the section. We are interested in two main parts and it is:

  1. Tunic of the penis. In the picture, it covers the barrel member. The top layer leather, but it does not interest us. Immediately under the skin is a sheath (the tunica). She is shown as a thick layer of longitudinal threads. What is it? This is exactly what determines how much you will be able to increase your member. Below I will explain more about this.
  2. Cavity. It's kind of tanks. The barrel member has a pair of cavities, and between them a partition. The picture to the right of us there's an empty cavity, and the left full. Of course, in reality, the cavity is never empty and the picture is shown for better understanding. During erection, the caverns are filled with blood, essentially this is the principle on which an erection.

Now, go to the main. What we have considered a tunic and cavities? We give a simple example. Consider a car wheel. It consists of tubes and tires. Now, the tunica in the penis plays the role of the bus! But the cavern is a sort of chamber in the penis! And to increase the member, we must first stretch "the tire" — the tunic of the penis and then pump up the "camera" — cavity.

Above I wrote that it is from your tunic depends on how you manage to increase your member. The fact that the shell is a type of connective tissue, no cells, tunic consists of large protein molecules. And for this reason, when applying the load, we can't force the cells tunics share, for the simple reason that they are not there! And the only way to enlarge the tunic — just stretch it, deform, increasing the intermolecular distance.

In some men, the tunic has 1 or 2 layers, and the structure of it is not so hard. On the contrary, others, tunic has 3 layers, sometimes more, combined with a rigid structure. If you are "lucky" winner of the tunics of the second type, to increase the member you will be more difficult, however, in any case, with the proper approach and patience, you will definitely receive your bonus! To determine whether you have a tough tunic is only possible in the constant process of training to increase members.

And ending it on the tunic, it should be emphasized that the work on the stretching membrane (tunic) is the Foundation of penis enlargement!

A couple of words about the growth of cavities. Though conventional medicine says that the cavity cannot be increased, in my experience, stretching tunic "pump" cavity is not so difficult, especially as the caverns are made up of cells! In the penis no muscles, there are muscles there, but in small quantities, and while this is smooth muscle, that is, to reduce them and thereby to pump like other muscles in our body they will not succeed. And so the word "pump", I use figuratively.

An increase is also possible by...

There are still a few things which occurs at the expense of increase of a member. So, in order:

  1. Garters of the penis. Member is attached to the body by ligaments, which in turn are attached to the pubic bone. In the process of increasing, they stretched, which gives us extra millimeters to the length.
  2. The hidden part of the penis. Many people know that part is hidden in the body, the perineum. The inside of the penis can be stretched, not completely of course, but its contribution to increasing the length of play.
  3. Sponge body. On the bottom side of the member along the entire barrel runs spongy body. It also served to increase, it will give us a slight raise in girth.
  4. The head of the penis. As all the previous ones, it is also really increase that will allow to slightly increase the length.

How is it possible to enlarge penis and what settings be increased?

In the beginning, it is necessary to reiterate that the structure of the tunics depends on how you will be able to increase a member.

The increase in yield as the length and girth. A little bit about how to measure cock, that you may know how feasible it is to increase it.

The correct measurement of the penis

Length. Length is properly measured with a ruler (soft meter). To member as 100% erection located parallel to the floor, from the top to attach the line to the ground, not pushing to the pubic, to stand straight and not bulging pelvis. Remember the mark on the ruler that matches the end of the glans penis.

Girth. To correctly measure exactly the circumference, not the diameter of the member. For this, around member, able to 100% wrap soft meter (or a strip of paper with marks) in the middle of the trunk of the penis. To remember mark.

In the next articles I'll talk more about the measurements, because to measure you will have several options to increase.

massage to increase

So in the end the answer to the question, so far as it is possible to increase a member?

I for years was able to increase the length of 3 cm and girth by 1.5 cm Some men were able to get even larger increase during the year, some less. A definite answer to this question is no.

In this first article on our website dedicated to penis enhancement over.