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penis enlargement

Annually in the world more than 11 thousand operations on penis enlargement, and their number is constantly growing. The very surgery usually takes no more than an hour, and after three weeks a man may begin an active sex life. Most of the action takes place in Thailand — world leader in plastic surgery. In this text — the story of how surgery for penis enlargement

Plastic surgery in the world is more psychotherapy than solving real problems. This is true in terms of augmentation of penis. Many men believe that their penis is smaller than it should be, while the doctors are sure that the majority underestimates its size. Why is this happening? Paradoxically, the idea that the penis is too small, often formed in childhood, when a mental comparison with his father or elder brother might naturally be discouraged.

It is believed that men often have a false idea of the size of their own genitals, because the wrong measure or evaluate them. The penis may look shorter when viewed from above. To adequately assess the size, it is better to undress in front of a mirror where you can see your reflection in full growth. According to the survey, which was attended by over 15 thousand people, the average size of erect penis is about 13 cm. The boundaries of the medium size range from 11 to 18 inches. Doctors diagnose small penis, if its size is less than eight inches in erect state.

The patient decided on surgery?

Quite a wide range of issues can push a man to the operation: bad sexual experiences, inner beliefs, or incorrect information in open sources on the Internet. Plastic surgeon, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Department of plastic hiroshimasized:

"Now the age of the Internet: people look at pictures, not really understanding where they came from and how in line with reality. Most often it is to have people come to the surgeons, by showing what you want “exactly as shown here.”

Yet imagine if you constantly comes spam “Iron erection and a hundred fantastic ways of penis enlargement”. Here even normal sane people will start to think: maybe something is wrong if he constantly receives letters “You need to do it!” I often remember the movie “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, when adherence to a particular culture changes people's behavior. First they throw to vandalize, drink milk and act like gentlemen. And then, after watching other films, you begin to organize chaos, drunkenness and shooting. And here is the same: society affects people, and specific people, movies, cultural patterns generate some ideas.

Overall, patients-men who want to enlarge the penis, do not differ from other patients plastic surgery — for example, women who want to correct the size or shape of the breast or to do intimate plastic, to fix the shape of the ears or nose."

Is it possible to do without operation?

There are many procedures and tools that, according to the manufacturer, is able to increase the length and diameter of penis: lotions, Supplements, exercises, vacuum pumps, injection of polymer gels. But most of these tools have not proved its effectiveness, in addition, the use of some of them can actually damage the penis. If you feel that you need additional funds, it is better to consult a medical specialist: urologist, an andrologist or a plastic surgeon, to discuss whether to apply a particular method.

There are tablets and lotions. They usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs and hormones. However, studies that confirm that any of this works, no.

There are vacuum pumps that are usually used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are able only temporarily to visually increase the size, but too frequent or prolonged use may cause tissue damage and worsen the quality of erection.

There are exercises, which happened for centuries in some cultures: the method used jelka from 9-11 years of age Sudanese boys. Movement is simple: it is necessary to move from the base of the penis to the head, holding back ejaculation. Sounds quite safe, but can actually cause pain, to cause scarring and change the shape of the genitals.

Still have the injection, but here the risks are very high and the effectiveness is questionable. Introduction polymer, polyacrylamide gels under the skin of the penis can lead to disability, warn doctors. The polymer is not kept under the influence of gravity, due to the physical strain the gel migrates, it often causes inflammation, this may be followed by infection and so on until the tissue necrosis with complete or partial loss of the penis.

There's a way penis enlargement using lipofilling when the puncture is introduced under the skin fatty tissue. However, the effect is visible immediately after the procedure, then the fat is absorbed (and often unevenly), turning into a seal and irregularities. The consequences of the fix is already in the operating room.

There is only one non-surgical method of penis enlargement, which have proved the efficiency, — long wearing of the extender. Two rods with adjustable length that set between the head and the base of the penis. The rods need very gradually, little by little to expand, stretching the penis — the result is something like the Ilizarov, but without the needles. The extender will have to wear for a long period of time, the result of wearing will be the increase in penis length by two inches.

Does size matter?

From the point of view of physiology, no. But sex is not a mechanical grinding of two partners is a complex experiences. It plays a role and the confidence and desire to make your partner happy, and sexual habits, and more.

"The fact is that the variation in the "norm" is large enough. 11 or 18 inches — still a significant difference, says plastic surgeon. — Size matters in the sense that much depends on the partner, his adaptation of the sexual experience. And it's not about what the size of the penis was the previous men your partner, but also in her reactions and expectations. In women, the receptor may be concentrated in different parts of the genitals: the clitoris, the vagina, its anterior surface or somewhere near the cervix. The diameter of the penis has a value, if the receptors are concentrated at the entrance or on the vaginal wall, the length — if the neck of the womb. And this means that the skill of man, the position, the understanding between partners is important as well as size. There is no universal penis by which you can satisfy any woman."

How does the operation?

"Usually, a man comes and says: "Doctor, wish I was big". Then we talk, discuss everything in detail, be sure to talk about the sexual needs. Sometimes thinking about the operation because of the impossibility to realize their dreams or sexual fantasies, like sex with a woman outstanding forms," says the doctor.

Very important as with other plastic operations, to adequately assess whether surgical intervention to achieve a specific goal. Every doctor will try to avoid surgery, if he sees that the patient's expectations do not correspond to the real possibilities of surgery or that the actions of the doctor are ineffective, says an expert.

With surgery can increase both the length and diameter of the penis.

Length easier. This operation scientifically called ligamentotaxis, and it means the tearing of the suspensory ligament of the penis.

"Today ligamentum — main operation, which we provide for lengthening of the penis, — says the surgeon. — From my point of view, it is the optimal degree of risk to the patient, the morbidity and the results obtained. Although, in fact, does not apply to the operations of true elongation. We're just increasing the angle between penis and pubic bone, cutting the ligament. Thus, the penis is simply pushed forward and the effect of an increase."

The efficiency of this operation depends largely on the compliance of the tissues, therefore, to increase the chances of success and that there was no scarring, doctors will recommend the patient to wear the extender before and after surgery in combination with medications that affect the stretching of the tissues.

That is, the following timing: 2 months before ligamentum start carrying a camera, then a half-hour operation, and then another three weeks with extender. Total — just under 3 months at all.

Diameter increasingly difficult for the patient, but more interesting for the reader.

To increase penis diameter can be 2 cm, which is quite significant. Widely used in two ways. First, the most common — due to own tissues of the patient.

It is arranged so: take a fragment of muscle tissue from the back or straight muscle of the abdomen and is transplanted to the penis. In fact, the penis will be wrapped with the muscles of the fragment, and then ligating the vessels to restore blood flow is called revascularization.

Such an operation relates to microsurgical. After it, the patient is required to rest during the week.

The second method is: take dermographia flaps from the groin area and are located along the cavernous bodies. in Other words, wrap the penis when transplanting muscle tissue, but in this case, the doctors do without microsurgical techniques, so the recovery period is simply: don't need strict bed rest, and in the clinic the patient spends only a few days.

There is a way to increase the thickness of penis with silicone implants — augmentation endoprosthesis of the penis. This is the least traumatic method, and the operation itself resembles a plastic surgery, implants individual only, they are made specifically for the patient.

In all cases the choice of method depends on the preferences of the patient. The doctor is obliged to warn where there will be a scar, what complications and consequences that a person can make an informed decision.

What are the risks?

Despite the seeming simplicity of operation and ease of recovery, in addition to the standard risks that accompany any surgery, there is a risk of severe complication: if the doctor is excessively involved, to act carelessly, it can damage the artery, thereby condemning the patient to impotence. Therefore, the choice of clinics and doctors that guarantee the result, is the most important part of the operation.

Most importantly, what should pay attention when choosing the clinic is a thoughtful conversation with your doctor. He has no right to promise an increase penis by up to three times without thinking to tell how many centimetres it will be more. The care of the doctor — the success of the operation.

Ligamentum often combined with liposuction of the pubic area, together it gives the best effect in patients with obesity. The doctor says that based on his personal experience, patients surgery for the lengthening of the penis rather pleased with it. With regard to the likelihood of repeated operations, often the need arises when an operation to combine elongation with increasing diameter, and usually there is a desire from the patient in the late postoperative period.

However, in addition to the risks associated with health, patients also are worried about their reputation, about the anonymity of the transaction. Plastic surgeon I am convinced that this question is solved simply: "in Addition to the law for the protection of the patient, which States that any intervention by the doctor can't advertise, there is also an important point of contact between a patient and doctor. Has there been between you trust? Do you believe the doctor deserves moral quality which will not let him in principle to extend about the surgery? It tells you in detail about other patients? If he calls their names? Or simply provides examples that are similar to yours? By default, the doctor has no right to discuss your surgery with anyone. However, if the patient is excessively worried about this, that from the point of view of psychological comfort, he can specifically say they're not interested in posting this story".